15 Amazing 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas in 2024

Spending 40 years together is a big milestone and accomplishment that deserves an unusual celebration. If any couple from your family and friends is going to celebrate their 40 years together, then it will be a good idea to congratulate them and make their happiness double by getting them a gift for their anniversary. The symbol for the 40th wedding anniversary is ruby which symbolizes the eternal flame of love between the couple. Ruby is one of the rarest gemstones due to which it is the most expensive and everyone cannot afford it. Therefore, there are various other modern adaptations of the ruby-theme. There are ruby gifts for everyone regardless of what your taste is. Here, we have compiled a list of 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples to help you find the perfect gift for the couple in your friends and family who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Add a touch of style to your friends’ lives who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary gift with this glass globe decanter with the base made of pinewood and glass sailboat trim inside. The decanter fits and can be rotated freely on the wooden frame. It is made of eco-friendly material that is healthy to eat.

Retro Turntable Record Player

The retro record player is sure to bring back a lot of memories to the couple who is celebrating their 40 years together. The linked record player support wireless vie Bluetooth. They are sure to enjoy their 40th anniversary better by listening to their favorite stereo. It is crafted with fine wood and has been bound in artificial leather.

Couple Holding a Red Umbrella in London on Framed Canvas Wall Art

This beautiful framed canvas of London wall art print with a tinge of vibrant red colors would make a perfect ruby anniversary gift for your friends. The wall art has an oil painting effect and has been printed on canvas that has been stretched around a pine wood frame.

Burgundy Decor Thermal/Room Darkening Window Curtains

Help your friends decorate their house in red on their 40th ruby wedding anniversary with this burgundy window curtains with floral print. The curtains are made of high-quality polyester that will give a cozy feel to the room. In addition to providing thermal insulation, they will reduce noise making the environment of the room calm and peaceful which is one of the things they most desire.

Jacquard 7PCs Complete Bedding Set Double & King Size

This ruby-purple bedding set would make a perfect gift for your friend couple who is celebrating its 40th anniversary. The set includes a bedspread, two pillowcases, valance sheet, cushion cover, a neck pillow, and decorative pillow. The material of the set is jacquard that is sure to add to the elegance of the room.

Scented Bath Flower Gift Box

This set of scented bath flowers would make a perfect gift for the 40th anniversary. If your friend is allergic to real flowers then they make an excellent alternative to them. They can make a beautiful embellishment in the house. Also, they are made to last for a long time.

Smart Garden

You can get the couple in your friend or family this smart garden on their wedding anniversary. It features an updated LED lights which improve conditions for plants to grow. Also, its sleek design allows you to fit it anywhere in the house; you can place it in the kitchen as well. It is available in three different colors to choose according to the color scheme of the house.

Canness Desktop Book Organizer

These golden metal bookends would make a perfect decoration for the bookshelves. It is perfect for organizing heavy books, CDs, DVDs, Vinyl records and magazines. The novelty design of the bookend would help to display an abstract beauty on the bookshelves. You can clip cards that are special to you on the frame of the bookends to store your memo.

Luxury Organic Hemp Shea Butter Cream with Hemp Extract

If you are looking for something simple yet practical then this luxury organic buttercream would make a great gift for the couple who are sharing love for 40 years. The buttercream has organic hemp extract and other natural ingredients that are full of vitamins A and E that nourishes, moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Commercial Pro Specialist Health Nutrition Blender

A gift that can be used in everyday life would be the best and most appreciated gift. The linked blender is one such gift. It breaks the cell walls in the nutritious foods which bring out more phytonutrients from the food which are easier for the body to digest. Moreover, one can make soup and smoothie with it as well.

Set Ceramics Dinnerware Set

This ceramic dinnerware set would make an elegant kitchen gift for any couple. The set is made of non-toxic, harmless, high-quality and healthy porcelain. They are suitable for any occasion and the design on them can complement any kitchen and utensil display cupboard. The set includes 10 platters, 10 high bowls, 9 spoon, 6 rice dishes, 1 fishplate, 1 large bowl, and a large flat plate.

Rohi Fleece Throw Blankets Single Size

Help your friends to celebrate his/her ruby wedding anniversary in a cozy way by getting him/her this red throw blanket. The blanket has a sumptuous faux fur on it and polyester in the inside that feels extremely comfortable and relaxed.

RUBY Mosaic Candle/Votive/Tealight Holder

I wish the couple who is celebrating its 40th wedding anniversary with this novelty mosaic candle handle. It will also make an amazing 40th anniversary gift with its beautiful mosaic pattern in gold and ruby.

Wooden Barrel Mantel Clock

Treat your favorite couple with this wooden barrel mantel clock on their 40th wedding anniversary. The barrel clock with black roman numerals, black ornate hands and white face would make an awesome decorative accent to the room in which it is placed.

New Town Creative Personalised Barbeque BBQ Grill Tools

This personalised barbeque tool set would make another simple gift that will be appreciated by any couple that hosts barbeque parties. The set contains 3 different pieces and a personalized wooden box. The personalized text goes on the box as well as on the handles of the tools.