51 Gifts For Nurses in 2024

We all are aware of how hard-working nurses are. They spend their day and night to look after patients and to provide them with the best health care services. In several emergency situations, the patient’s life depends on them. Patients interact with nurses before a doctor sees to examine them. So nurses deserve to be loved and appreciated. Who says you should for a yearly event to give a thoughtful gift to your favourite nurses? They are worthy of a gift as an appreciation for the special care they take of their patients. Whether it is a yearly occasion or a normal day, we should give them something as a gesture of respect and love. 

If you need help in finding some great gifts for nurses, we have got you covered. We have created a list of the best gifts you can give to nurses whether it is Christmas, birthdays, graduation, nurses week or any other special occasion. You may surprise them by celebrating their work. The best way to celebrate is by giving them customised gifts according to their preferences and profession. These gifts will surely make them smile and take place in their workspace.

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Smart Uniform Ladies/Women's Healthcare Nurses Doctors

Replace their ordinary scrub with the stylish cotton scrub top. This scrub top will make them look professional and chic at the same time. It will also ensure they are prepared to perform their duties up to the mark. The scrub is very comfortable to wear and is available in different sizes and colours.

I Will Stab You With Hypodermic Needle Vaccines Nurse or Doctor

This funny tote is eco-friendly, durable, and reusable with large size to carry nurses' goods. They are made up of 600 denier polyester and 50% recycled materials. It keeps your accessories safe and secure, thanks to its zipper top closure. The hilarious caption of the nurse tote bag represents who you are and what you will do if someone disturbs you.

YETI Rambler 30 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum

Hard Working nurses need some rest and relaxation too. So, let them stay caffeinated and hydrating while doing their duties. Now they can drink hot coffee even if they get busy and forget about their hot coffee. The YETI Rambler is of reliable stainless steel and insulated material that keeps your beverage cold and coffee warm while working for hours.

ADC 216 Pocket Pal II Medical Instrument Organizer/Pocket

This pocket-sized medical instrument organiser can keep your essential goods close to you so that you can have quick and easy access to them while working. This nurse gift will remind them of you whenever they pick out a pen from it.

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS

Nurses will love to have an Apple Watch as it enables them to see messages and calls without seeing your mobile phone. The watch is also awesome because it tracks your steps for your working hours. So, you can have an idea about your fitness and when to take some rest.

Collectively Essential Not All Heros Wear Capes Wood Box Sign

Bring some inspirational and funny vibe in their workplace to reaffirm their value or motivate them at the end of the shift. The heart touching message is something that would inspire them and let them realise that we know their value. They can either hang it on their home or office wall.

First Year Nurse (Kaplan Test Prep)

If you are not prepared, the first hundred days at the new job can be demoralising. But not with the First Year Nurse book. New nurses can learn how to plan, prioritise, communicate, start the job, keep yourself energetic and cope with hard -to-deal patients. The book has a collection of warnings and wisdom of various professional nurses from which fresh nurses can educate themselves.

Nurse Mates Women's Lunch Bag

Nurses need to carry various accessories and medical equipment back and forth between home and workplace. So, give them a comfortable and stylish bag to let them keep that stuff in one place and stay organised. The bag is durable and features multiple pockets to carry numerous things that are important for work.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading

Spending a long hour of duties every day can cause severe pain and swelling in the nurses' feet. During breaks or in between the shifts, they can have their feet coddled with the deep kneading of a foot massager. After taking care of patients all day, they should do some self-care too.

Breville BNV250CRO1BUC1 Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine Aeroccino, Chrome

A new nurse has to rush to work in the morning's wee hours and can't waste time fussing with a pour-over. It takes some time to make a habit of waking up early and quickly getting ready. A top-notch coffee maker can be a complete game-changer for him/her. It is easy to clean, practical, and an awesome gift that your favourite nurse would love to have. The machine is also a nice decoration piece for the kitchen.

Pink 'Easy Day, Rough Day

Anyone in the medical field, such as a nursing student or nurse, would be glad to receive a wine glass representing what they feel like at the end of a long shift. Wine or any other drink in this wine glass can help them relax during a break. This clear glass can hold no more than 340ml of beverage in it.

Pack of 6 novelty Syringe Highlighter Pens

Bring some colours in the life of your favourite nurse with the set of syringe pens highlighters. The set consists of six pieces of highlighter fluorescent in various lovely colours. They are cool enough to seek the attention of colleagues at work and designed having an actual syringe-like shape.

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination

If you have a nursing student on the list, give him/her a nice starting point for NCLEX with the best review book like this one. The book is perfect for the preparation of NCLEX and can also be used as a review during nursing school examination. You can't find a better gift than this for nursing students.

Im A Nurse. Whats Your Super Power

A coffee mug specially designed for nurses to bring a big smile on their face. He/She will feel proud to use this elegant coffee mug. Made from porcelain, a ceramic material, the mug is capable of holding 18 ounces of beverage. Wrap the mug in a beautiful gift box, and you will end with the perfect gift for that special nurse in your life. You can also use it as a travel mug and take it on trips or vacations.

Complete Nurse RN CNA NA Horizontal Badge Card Set - 13 Cards

There is so much information, tons of tasks and numerous medications that nurses need to remember daily. During some tricky situations, they wish to own an instant reference guide. This ID badge cards set is a perfect gift for a seasoned and newbie nurse alike. They can be accessed instantly and fit comfortably with their badge.

EKUPUZ Neck Shoulder Massager Shiatsu Electric Back Massage

A nurse carries a huge responsibility of saving patients' lives. They need stress relief wherever and whenever they can have it. For that purpose, consider Shiatsu shoulder massager. It offers a deep and nice massage to muscles without causing any pain. A massage will help them to relax and be fresh to get back to work again. A massage is an excellent gift for someone who does duty during the day and night shift.

MDF® Acoustica® Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

This stethoscope is a stylish and fashionable accessory that you should consider giving to your favourite nurse. It performs so well that provides clear, crisp acoustics for lung, bowel and heart sounds. The high-performing stethoscope is drenched in luxury and is a nice graduation gift.

Physix Gear Compression Socks for Men & Women

Working for more than twelve hours in a single shift and that too mostly by standing on feet. A compression socks pair can help them with the blood circulation and make their shift a little bit comfortable. These compression socks are ultra-soft giving you a touch of style and advanced support.

Anatomy and Physiology Flash Cards

Nursing students would gladly receive these cards as they are a big help for them. They don't need to write up their own index cards anymore while having these cards. The cards are also very helpful to get them through their classes. These physiology and anatomy flashcards are definitely a hit amongst nursing students.

Human heart lungs Vintage medical anatomy Anatomical Lungs T-Shirt

Wear a tee that displays where your heart and lungs are. The shirt is designed for those who are into human organs. The shirt is unisex and comes in various beautiful colours to choose from. Made from cotton, the shirt is very comfortable to wear.

Mini First Aid Kit, 92 Pieces Small First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit is a useful accessory for a nurse but to switch things up, try to make it a themed first aid kit. You may add nail polish, water bottle, deodorants, brush or a tape to make it a more stylish and fashion first aid kit. This mini emergency kit is lightweight, compact and easy to carry.

Cyxus Blue Light Blocking [Anti Eyestrain] Computer Glasses

A nurse exposes his/her eyes to dangerous blue light due to staring at computer screens for a long time. The light can cause dry eyes, eyestrain, headaches and sleep disturbance. So, give these blue light blocking glasses to RN for his/her health protection. It would also be a nice addition to the lifestyle of the RN.

Alegria Women's Kayla

You will see a nurse on her feet all the time during long shifts. So, let her do daily tasks comfortably with the Alegria Women's Kayla. They are soft on the feet and feature an anti-fatigue bottom. These shoes are available in two bright colours that are in fashion.

Loccitane SHEA BUTTER hand cream 150 ml

You will observe nurses always use rough hand washing liquids and sanitisers to clean their hands. It causes them to have cracked and dry skin, especially during winter seasons. So, give them this creamy balm with twenty per cent shea butter, coconut oil, almond extracts and almond extracts are mixed together to make its strong formula.

San Francisco Salt Company Detox Soak Bath Salts

At the end of their long shift, a nurse feels quite stressful and looks for taking some time out. For such nurses, detox bath salts are a great gift idea to consider. They will definitely appreciate the gift and find it very useful for relaxation and comfort after work. Epsom salts have magnesium that helps them a lot to reduce muscle pain and aches.

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote

The Fire TV stick allows nurses to leisurely control content such as CBS, Netflix, SHOWTIME, Prime Video, STARZ, Disney or Hulu, courtesy of the Alexa Voice Control. They can also stream various services for free such as Pluto TV, Freedive, IMDb etc. After coming back home from work, they can spend a Netflix and chill night with Firestick.


If you are interested in giving them a gift that is not relatable with their work, you can go for nurse gift ideas such as a Disney plus subscription. The subscription is a nice way for them to entertain and unwind on their non-working days. With the subscription they can watch popular shows, Marvel and Star War movies, and super hit Disney movies.

100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels

Night shift workers would love to have this gift as these curtains are extremely useful for them. Light rays shining through room windows are very irritating for them as it can disturb their sleep. They look for a dark black room for the whole day to rest peacefully. These curtains do the same. They create the right environment for sleeping by limiting the sunlight coming from outside.

Consolidated Holdings Portable UV Phone Sanitizer

You might be surprised to know that cell phones are dirtier than toilet seats. A nurse is exposed to various dangerous germs at work all the time. Gift them this portable phone sanitiser to help the nurse. It also features a charger to keep them up with the battery. 99% of germs and bacteria are killed in less than six minutes due to UV light steriliser.

Hifot 3 Pack Badge Reel Retractable ID Badge Holder

When on duty, a nurse focuses more on taking care of our loved one as compared to their style. Their uniforms are also not so stylish, but that doesn't mean they can look chic. With the cool Badge Reel, they can create a fashion statement even with the most simple scrubs. They come in various awesome designs so you can select the best one for your favourite nurse in the family.

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower

Just like themselves, they need to clean and sanitise their belongings as well. Because their accessories are also home to the germs, so, give them an innovative way to sanitise the belongings at the end of their shift with the Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower. With the portable shower, they can wash their goods on the lawn or porch outside their homes.

Cabepow Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

If the nurses on your list tend to lose their rings quite frequently, they won't take the risk of wearing their wedding or engagement ring when working. Plus, there is a chance that the ring can get dirty and cause you infections. A way better, fuss-free and cheap alternative to wear is this silicone ring. It is not only easy to sanitise, but also looks fancy on the hand.

BigMouth Inc Prescription Pill Bottle Mug

Thanks to the coffee cup prescription, night shifts aren't a hard pill to swallow anymore. The mug is made of ceramic material, is lightweight and has a capacity of 12 ounces so that they can drink to their fill. Coffee addicted nurses would love to get a gift like this one.

New Jersey Kraft Label Scented Soy Candle

Just like everyone else, nurses aren't vacationing or travelling a lot this year due to pandemic. Chances are they are homesick for their home towns or favourite destinations. Remind your friend nurse of their favourite state with the state scented candle. Customise the state on the candle according to his/her priority.

Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game

If nurses are bored and aren't tackling real-world diseases, they can compete against each other to search for the cure of dangerous diseases that can eliminate life from Earth. Players coordinate with each other to play their characters and make strategies to get rid of those diseases before they can spread all over the world.

The Crafty Engineer RN Zip Up Fleece Jacket

Nurses working at various healthcare facilities feel different temperatures at different times. One second they are soaked in sweat, and the next moment they are freezing to death. So, an additional layer of track jacket or warm sweater over their scrubs is nice to let them perform their duties comfortably.

qualidyne Womens Sports Running Yoga Jacket Slim Fit

The temperature at hospitals is usually very cold in all parts of the year. Treat that special nurse in your life to a track jacket that zips to keep them comfy. The Qualidyne jacket is also a great choice to wear at places other than the hospital too.

ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier- 400 ml

An alarm clock may look like an old school option, but with overnight stays and early hospital shifts, it is more dependable than a mobile when we wish to time go to work. This alarm clock isn't an ordinary one but is a rare find. It is an alarm clock with aromatherapy and a Bluetooth speaker. This piece of electronics has a modern design and features LED lights that create a mesmerising scenery in the room.

Oh Sh*t, I Almost Killed You!

Interested in getting a book that will make them burst out of laughter? The book has different stories, experiences, and anecdotes of nurses. Your friend will laugh out loud while reading some relatable disasters, mishaps and situations on the ward. The book also has all sorts of information and guidance that can help nurses, such as removing some of their anxieties and fears, what is right, what is wrong and more.

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

A Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush feels simply awesome. It offers various advantages to users such as reducing scalp dandruff and itch, and deep cleansing your hair. Its ergonomic design provides you with easy handling to experience a more comfortable massage. After a hectic shift, all of the stress and tiredness is tackled with a nice, soothing massage.

Nursing Clipboard with Storage and Heavy Duty Cheat Sheets

A clipboard is an essential accessory that they will carry with you to take patient information and history. So giving them a nursing clipboard will be an excellent gift for them. It is also perfect for nursing students who need to refer to their nursing charts and take notes of lectures.

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask

Coming home in the morning after a tiresome night shift, it can be hard to sleep due to sleep when the sun is out. Continuously struggling for some time can affect their mental capacity and energy level. So, getting them a Silk Sleep Mask is the right thing to do. The mask can give them the darkness regardless of what part of the day it is.

LUMINTOP IYP365 LED Medical Penlight

A nurse examines a patient before the doctor does. So, a penlight is another valuable essential that they must carry with them. They can check a patient's mouth, throat and pupils for activity with it. Place it in the scrub pocket before carrying out rounds as it is also handy for checking documents and charts during night shifts.

Purell Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Rub Gel Cleanser Sanitiser 100ml

Nurses are immensely exposed to germs and contaminants that are life-threatening. Therefore, they are sanitising their hands quite frequently. There are high chances they will own a collection of sanitisers. But when they use your gifted sanitisers, it will remind them of you. In this way, you are always present in their memory—all around the perfect memorable gift and a top-notch addition to their collection.

Nurse Bandage Badge Reel

There isn't anything that a nurse can fix. Give them a set of cute bandages as an adorable reminder that we care for them too. They will remind them of you whenever they will heal someone with it. The cute bandages come in three designs featuring different sweet emojis.

Fred & Friends E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport)

The insulated bag keeps their beer chilled and delicious ham sandwich prepped and ready to transplant directly into your tummy. This tote is awesome for fun on the go and preserving your snacks and food. Each of them has a mesh interior pouch, an organ donor's ID tag and a waterproof foam insulated lining.

Wear-N-Write Wearable Dry Erase Board Set

This wearable dry erase board is very handy for recording patient notes, quick reminders and blood pressure. It enables them to quickly take down crucial data in an efficient and easy way. It is lightweight and is comfortable to wear on your wrist.

ExcelMark Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamp

Nurses are aware of the importance of documentation. They are required to sign their names on various documents. The task is extremely time-taking and hectic. Therefore, save them this time with this ExcelMark Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamp. Customise them with their correct name and credentials, and you will have a top-notch time-saver tool.

101 Blessings for Nurses 2 Chron 15: 7

A box of 101 inspirational messages to show your appreciation for nurses. Keep the box to take and give one every day or give them all the package to uplift their motivation for their work. A thoughtful and inexpensive gift to bring gratitude and smiles to your nurse friend.

Nursing Student Planner 2020-2021

The custom student nurse planner is a perfect present for nursing students to use for personal appointments, work or school. Get them this gift to let them keep track of their vital schedule in a single place. The well-designed planner has 177 pages which enable them to stay organised for a long time.

Cuddle Barn | Feel Good Glenn 10" Bear Animated Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

The doctor teddy bear all dressed up in a blue scrub that sings and dances to his songs. He actually moves his mouth while singing, which is kind of cute. Such an adorable toy can light up the day of any nurse.


So there you go. A flawless list of best gifts for nurses. It can be a problem for many people to find delightful gifts for nurses. But with our gift hunting guide, we are confident you can easily find a gift using our git hunting guide that will surely please them. Normally, the services of nurses during serious cases and emergencies go unthanked. So, give them a lovely gift as a gesture of appreciation and show them their value. Here, you can check tons of gifts and gift ideas for nurses that will let your recipient smile with joy.