41 Cool Gadgets for Men in 2024

Technology has made our lives more comfortable in a unique way. Also, it provides an awesome way for entertainment in this modern age. 

Today, there are so many impressive options in electronics like never before. We are near to be overrun by cool gadgets. With so many gadgets in the market, it can be difficult to select which one is worth having.

Men’s love for gadgets never gets old. They develop a love for gadgets when they start playing with their toys. With their age, their gadgets get bigger and more expensive. For example, they play with walkie talkies which turn into cellphones and other devices when they grow up. 

Do you have a gadget-loving man in your life whom you want to impress? If yes, then worry not for we have brought you the ultimate list of the cool gadgets for men. All the items listed here are worth every penny. Let’s get down to it without further ado.

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ECOVACS ROBOTICS N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner High Suction

This automatic sweeper tops the list of cool gadgets for men. Ecovacs allows you to schedule, customise and monitor cleaning sessions. It uses Alexa voice commands for directions. It features 4 specialised cleaning modes like edge mode for hard-to-clean edges and spot mode for targeted cleaning. It has 3 stage cleaning systems; vacuum suction, a deep reach main brush and wide reach side brushes. It has protective bumpers, anti-collision and anti-drop sensors that protect it from impacts. Also, it has a built-in 100-minute life lithium battery, air filtration, and auto-return to charging station features. It is ideal for the man who just wants to get things done without much of an effort.

Suunto Core All Black Watch

Suunto core heart rate monitor watch is the best daily companion in extreme outdoor sports. It has a large number of useful features like barometric altitude measurement, compass, and depth gauge. Moreover, it tells the temperature, storm warnings and other clock specific features. If you want something that motivates men for going outdoors and working out, this is one of the ideal choices of gadgets you can make. It has an aluminium case that makes it highly durable. You can forget about charging the battery as you are never going to run out of 12-month battery life. Your gadget-loving man is going to love it.

ANOLE Digital Alarm Clock Radio Alarm Clocks Bedside

Plummet Anole wireless speaker is compatible with any smartphone; android or iPhone. It has two built-in awesome Bluetooth speakers and bass diaphragm. It comes with handsfree, a 2000mAh battery, SD card, and USB interface. The large screen displays time, temperature and alarm time. It has many other features in addition to the ones mentioned here. This portable Bluetooth speaker will be one of the perfect gifts for gadget enthusiasts and music-loving men in your life.

Ember Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature control smart Mug keeps your drink at your preferred temperature. You can adjust the temperature up to 57 degrees. It connects with your smartphone so that you can remotely set the temperature with the Ember App. The battery lasts up to 1 hour once it is completely charged. It is made of stainless steel which has a ceramic coating that prevents scratching. Also, it is completely safe to hand-wash. The smart mug is the best gift idea for the office of the gadget-loving men.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

The electronics loving men will greatly appreciate this ring video doorbell. It allows you to see and speak to the visitor at your door from your phone or any other device. It offers a brilliant video with its HD camera. It features ethernet which ensures reliable connection and non-stop power. It makes one of the most thoughtful gifts for the men who like to secure their home.

Magnetic Telescoping Pick Up Tool

Preciva telescopic magnet is simple, but one of the most functional tools in the garage or any other working space. It is used to pick-up things in narrow niches and easily find and grab small crannies and nooks. It has an LED on the tip that allows you to relocate the small objects even in the dark. It is one of the smartest gifts you can give to electronics loving men.

Philips Air Fryer

Help him with healthy cooking with this air fryer. Philips Rapid Air Technology allows you to roast, grill, fry, and even bake. It is a perfect tool for making delicious and healthy meals. There are more than 200 dishes that you can make with an Airfryer. You can completely adjust temperature and time to cook according to your preferences. It makes one of the most helpful gifts for men who want easy cooking.

Solar Charger 25000mAh ADDTOP Portable Solar Power Bank

This solar-powered power bank is perfect for campers and hikers. It has the capacity of 25000mAh that can charge your phone up to 8 times. 4 foldable solar panels provide a large surface area that gives 1A input under direct sunlight. It has 2 USB outputs which allow you to charge 2 devices at a time. It automatically adjusts to the current to pair the optimal output. 9 LED flashlights make it perfect for camping and hiking.

CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels

This alarm clock on wheels is a little too loud, which makes it a perfect gift for the heavy sleepers. Clockie will run away, roll, hide and jump from the nightstand while beeping. Get your friend this cool alarm clock, and he will never be able to abuse the snooze. It is unique, fun, annoying and crazy that will get you up on time. If not the beep, the chasing will surely wake you up

Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Control

Logitech Harmony lets you control more than 270,000 devices from about 6,000 brands. You can use it to work with TVs, cable boxes, media streamers and game consoles with right settings. It can be customized up to 23 of your favourite local cable or satellite channels. You can directly use these channels from the remote control’s colour screen.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro (UK) - Dron

Mavic 2 Pro is one of the best tech gifts you can get to your tech-savvy friend. It is equipped with an HD video camera with a CMOS sensor to capture beautiful aerial shots. It has a max speed of 44mph. It can remain airborne for up to 31 minutes. You can have a live view with the camera during the flight which you can record as well. It has multiple useful features like obstacle sensing, low-noise, hyper-lapse and many more. All of its advanced features are the cause of its becoming popular so quickly.

GoPro HERO8 Black

GoPro HERO8 is a perfect gift for aspiring creators, vloggers, and pro filmmakers. Its compact size makes it easily pocketable. It is water-resistant to 33 feet. Boys can use it for making videos of their adventures for YouTube. GoPro Hero 8 has become popular because of its quick loading accessories like microphones, flashes, LCD screens and more. It has three levels of stabilisation; Boost, High and On. The 12MP camera with improved HDR that can capture pictures in motion with reduced blur. If you are looking for something unique, this is one of the best gadgets for men you can choose.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Wired Gaming Mouse

Hyperion Fury Wired gaming mouse gives the fastest tracking speeds, i.e. up to 500 IPS. It features 8 programmable buttons for convenience and superb gaming experience. You can increase DPI settings up to four for lightning-fast manoeuvres and pixel-precise targeting. It is compatible with various devices, including laptops and Mac. It makes one of the most amazing gifts for guys who love gaming.

August Smart Lock and Keypad

August Smart Lock and Keypad would make a perfect gift for your tech-loving friend. It converts your smartphone into a smart key. You can control the doors in your home with your phone. Lock or unlock the doors with the phone by time and date. It is extremely easy to set up. It is perfect for both iOS and Android devices. It is one of the most wonderful gadgets for men you can choose.

Canary Flex Black

Canary Flex Black is a perfect security camera that can be used indoors and outdoors. It provides 1080p full-HD view. Its motion detector feature offers infinite variety. It can work without wire with the help of a built-in rechargeable battery. However, the power cable is included in the package as well. It is super easy to install with the magnetic swivel base. You just need to snap it on a flat surface and twist in any direction. It connects to your smartphone with Wi-Fi to provide you with immediate alerts when there is some activity.

AstroAI 3 Pack Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 150 PSI 4 Settings

AstroAI digital tire pressure will make an amazing gift for your gadget lover friend. It will be an awesome addition to the tool kit. It can be used for trucks, cars, and bicycles as well. It features a backlit LCD screen and an LED near the nozzle for visibility in dim light. It can correct tire pressure and extend the tire’s life by reducing tire wear. You don’t have to do guesswork work or analoguealog gauges. The reading of tire pressure instantly displays on the screen. The nozzle gives quick and accurate readings by forming a seal with the valve stem.

Polar Ignite - GPS Smartwatch - Fitness watch

The gadget lover in your family wely loves this fitness tracker by Polar Ignite. It is a perfect gift for the athlete in your life. The slim design makes ultra-comfortable able to wear so that you can wear it all day. It features an OHR monitor, calorie counter, speed, distance, GPS and coloured touch screen. It has a nightly recharge feature that monitors how your body has recovered during the night. This feature can help you make optimal choices for the next day to reach the wellbeing goals. It works an excellent deal personal work-out guide.

Echo Dot (3rd generation) | Smart speaker

Echo Dot (3rd generation) adds Alexa to any room. It has an LED screen that shows time, alarm time and outdoor temperature. It is perfect for your bedside table. You can ask Alexa to set the time for the alarm. It can be snoozed by tapping on the top. It adjusts to the brightness of the display according to the light sensor. It allows you to control music with your voice. You can choose music from Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Amazon Music. It can perform other functions acting on your voice command. You can ask Alexa to answer questions, check weather, read the news, set alarms, and many more

Anker Wireless Chargers Bundle

Anker Wireless Chargers Bundle high-efficiency chipset that can charge your smart device in no time. It can charge an iPhone 10% faster than any other wireless chargers. You can charge with the pad or get mc charging pinging with vertical and horizontal stand charging modes. It has features like temperature control, overvoltage protection, and foreign object detection that keeps your devices safe.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones are one of the noise-cancelling headphones you will find. It has an Aluminium coated diaphragm which gives it a perfect look. The headphones have 30 hours of battery life. The improved design makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable that you can wear it all day. The high technology and useful features give quality sound. It is optimized for Alexa google sale assistant for total hands-free free control.

Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer is perfect for shave, edge and trim hair of any length. It will be an awesome gadget lovers to maintain your perfect stubble length. It creates perfect edges and sharp lines with dual-sided blade and contour following technology. The package includes 3 combs and 2 blades. You can adjust the length of hair to 1, 3 or 5mm with the click-on combs. It is one of the most brilliant gadgets for men you can pick for those who like to keep themselves groomed.

ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector for Home & Family Entertainment

M1 portable LED lights projector provides convenient entertainment in the room with light less than 25 lumens. It can project a 100 inches image from the distance of 2.6 meters. It is perfect for watching large images and movies in small spaces. It is an ideal fact gadget to light up your home. It has a powerful built-in speaker that gives room-filling audio giving you a feeling of cinema. It has a long battery life with a battery which lasts up to 6 hours. Also, you can charge your smartphones with it.

YICOTA Car HUD GPS Head-Up Display 5.5" Colorful LED Dashboard Projector Speed Warning System Compatible

This Head-up display for cars is a simple gadget but it can be very useful. You can see the GPS navigation of your smartphone on the windshield with this HUD image reflector. It brings convenience and safety in driving when you are using GPS. It can be placed in the middle of the console. You can adjust it to a safe angle according to individual preference. If you are looking for gifts for guys who like to keep their cars upgraded, this small gadget is the best choice.

MxZas Portable pocket translator Simple To Use Translator 2.0 Support 28 Languages Offline Translation

This portable pocket translator accesses translation engines as you speak. It has a large capacity to support 28 languages. It is simple to use and break down language barriers right away with maximum accuracy. It has a built-in 1820mAh battery that can last for 6 hours when you use it repeatedly. This gadget makes sure that you don’t have a bad experience when you visit a different country.

Airpods Case Cover Compatible

You can get this charging case to your gadgets loving friend for his earbuds. The charging case also keeps your pods clean during charging. The case is made of high-quality Silicone which protects the pods from damage. Also, it is high water-resistant tent protecting water.

Astell&Kern KANN CUBE Hi-Res Music Player

Astell and Kern Hi-Res Audio power who have a low-noise amplifier making it a per music lover gift over. It features 3 different power output options that can drive any headphones with magnificent power and improve their sound quality. It has 28GB storage to store unlimited numbers of songs. Also, it supports wifi to listen to songs online.

VR Headset Stand

Oculus Rift S gaming VR headset can transform your whole gaming experience. It has an all-in-one design which is compatible with most of the gaming devices. It is made high-quality plastic that provides a large round base and more durability giving a fantastic zing gaming experience. The package has a display stand to hold the VR headset conveniently. It makes one of the fantastic gadgets for men who love to play video games or watch movies.

Garmin inReach GPSMAP 66i GPS Handheld and Satellite Communicator

Garmin inReach GPS will make an ideal gift for an adventure and gadgets lover. It features an interactive SOS to the GEOS search and recent renter via the global Iridium satellite network. It brings BirdsEye satellite imagery to the device from preloaded Garmin TopoActive Europe mapping. It has navigation sensors and support from various global navigation satellite sys, making it a perfect navigating device for explorers. It will ensure the best backpacking or camping experience for the man who plans to go on a world tour someday.

Nooz - Armless Reading Glasses - Oval 6 Colours 5 diopters

Surprise the gadgets enthusiast in your life with these high-quality polycarbonate magnifying reading glasses. Their slim design allows you to simply slip them into the pocket where they are always accessible. They are so compact that you can attach them to your keyring. You can choose the colour and the magnification power of your glasses. It fits any nose size and type. Its anti-slip, super soft silicone nose bridge makes it comfortable to wear.


This speaker/lamp is one of those gadgets that bring technology into your home and help you achieve a smart lifestyle. You can play any audio file on the speaker from your smart device. It can play podcasts, audiobooks and radio via WiFi without interruptions from notifications or phone calls. It supports all the major music streaming subscription services. It will be a fantastic zing decoration piece in your bedroom.

LARQ Lightweight Self-Cleaning

This self-cleaning, lightweight non-insulated stainless steel water bottle uses UV light to purify water. It uses non-toxic, mercury-free ultraviolet light kills all the germs and bacteria from the water to make it pure. It also eliminates any kind of odor from the water. It works with a simple touch of a button and cleans the bottle every two hours to keep it fresh and free of smell. It makes a perfect gadget for outdoor adventures where you are in the want of clean water. This is one of the most straightforward gadgets that can help you maintain your good health by drinking water free of bacteria. It will be the best gadget on your tour around the world.

Kindle Paperwhite | Waterproof

For those who love to read books, novels, and magazines, Kindle paperwhite is the best gadget. It can store thousands of books and gives you the feel of a real page. The latest version of Kindle can be paired with Bluetooth headphones to listen to audiobooks books. You can control the font size and brightness of the page according to your preferences. The battery lasts for weeks, and it is portable enough for you to take it anywhere you travel long to. The adjustable light lets you read even in the dark. This is one of the best investments you can make for the bibliophile boys.

STAD 3-In-1 Breakfast Sandwich Maker

STAD 3-in-1 breakfast sandwich maker is no less than any Hamilton Beach. It has an electric press grill, the detachable baking tray with non-stick coating makes it easy to use. With this sandwich maker machine, any novice can make delicious sandwiches for himself. You will have perfectly toasted sandwiches in just 5 minutes for your breakfast. Also, it has removable parts which make it safe for dishwashers. It is compact enough to fit any kitchen countertop. It might not be one of those gadgets you are looking for, but it sure is cool enough.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

Google Nest Learning Thermostat can bring down your thermostat bill considerably. It adjusts the thermostat according to your needs and maintains that temperature. It allows you to control your thermostat from your smartphone. Also, it has activity sensors that prevent the thermostat from heating an empty home if no activity has been detected. It is one of the most useful gadgets for men looking for ways to bring down their energy bill.

Tile Mate (2020)

These tiny tiles will help you keep your things from getting lost. You can attach it to your most valuable belongings such as keys, wallet, bags or other gadgets and find out exactly where it is from your smartphone. The tiles get paired with the app on your mobile phone and allow you to keep track of your things. The tile mate rings the tile app when the object comes within 200 ft of your phones, making it easier to find it. It makes one of the superb gift ideas for the gadgets-crazy men.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Arteck Portable folding Bluetooth keyboard has a sleek and slim design that can fit into a pocket when folded. It works on all operating systems; Windows, iOS, and android. It has a high-grade aluminium alloy body for maximum durability. The folding keyboard has low profile keys for quiet and comfortable typing. It includes a built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery that can keep the keyboard working for 60 hours with a single charge. With this smart tool, you cannot fail to impress the guy who likes to keep a collection of gadgets.

ANYCUBIC Mega S 3D Printer

This 3D printer with solid filament drive and amazing mechanical design is compatible with most filament drives. It features Titan extruder technology that improves printing accuracy and reduces clogging risk. It is easy to assemble and user-friendly for beginners. It has sensors which pause printing when it suffers any unexpected stoppage runs run out of filament. The surface of the printing platform is coated with patented microporous, which makes it easy to remove the print after it cools down to room temperature. This will be probably one of the most significant guest gadgets he owns.

eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell

Eufy Security wireless video doorbell has professional-grade sensor and lens that sense and view activity in high resolution to let you see visitors clearly as they approach the door. It stores all the data locally, which means you don’t have to purchase cloud storage. It is powered by a battery, and a single battery will last for half a year. You can also run it with a wired connection to get continuous power supply. The wide-angle camera gives you a head-to-toe view of the visitor every time. If you are looking for gadgets that can help you feel more secure, this is a good choice.

Bibury Multi-Tool

This dual-angle screw drum multi-tool is a perfect gadget for the handyman. It has 21 different tools for minor repairing jobs. It includes needle-nose pliers, combination pliers, end cutting pliers, cutter, hexagon sleeve, scale, rope cutter, sickle, saw, bottle opener screwdriver and many more. It makes for one of the most brilliant gift ideas for men who know how to repair things.

FREETOO Portable Luggage Scale Digital Travel Scale Suitcase Scales Weights

Portable luggage is small but can be one of the most useful gadgets you can have. It can measure weight up to 50kg from as little as 0.01kg. It features widescreen that shows big sized digits. You can choose from 4 different weight units, i.e. ounce, lb, g and kg. It has tare, auto-off and auto-lock functions. It gives low battery and overload warning to keep you from getting it damaged.

Anker Power Bank, PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger

Anker power bank has a massive capacity of 20,000mAh which can charge an iPhone XS for 5 times. It utilizes modern technology to deliver optimized and fast charging to your devices. The USB ports allow you to charge two devices at once. It features a multi protect safety system which protects your other gadgets.


Suppose you have that man in your life who is obsessed with the latest and the coolest technology that comes in the market. He surely loves to keep a collection of highly useful gadgets for himself. Here have included some of the cool gadgets for men that every electronics loving person would appreciate having. These are the most practical gadgets you will find in the market for every guy; traveller, gamer, geek or just a regular person, we have got you covered by presenting the smartest gadgets.