20 Funny Gifts For Doctors That Will Cheer Them Up in 2024

Being a doctor is one of the hardest and noble professions in the world. A doctor saves gives it best to save lives and try to be present for the patients all the time. It does get tiring but it is a job in which one cannot afford to be lazy and careless. It will be a good idea to appreciate your doctor with a gift for everything that he/she does for you and your family. Good hearty laughter is one of the very few things that can take away all the weariness and can restore a person’s health. Therefore, when looking for a gift for your doctor, go for something that can make your doctor and his/her patients laugh when they look at it. Here, I have compiled a list of funny gag gifts for doctors that will bring a smile on his/her face and rejuvenate him/her to continue the good work.

Sigikid Erwin and Rosi Educational Doll Erwin

Sigikid Erwin educational doll comes at the top of our list of funny doctor gift ideas. It also makes a great gift for kids who aspire to be physicians. There cannot be more fun and enjoyable way to learn about human anatomy. It has a perfect size for a baby to hold and play with it.

Reading Glasses Holder Stand Nose Rack Spectacle Gift Sunglasses Specs Sun Set

If you are looking for something that is simple, practical yet funny, then this reading glasses holder makes one of the most brilliant doctor gifts. It is suitable for any occasion in his life. With this stand, he will always know where the glasses are, and he will never lose them again. The holder is available in different designs; make sure that you choose one from the menu.

Nurse Badge Reel Holder - 3 Pack - RN Badge

Get these cute badge reel holders for your favourite nurse or physician to say “thanks” to who helped you get better. They are big enough to be noticeable and be complimented, and women in the medical field will love it. The badges have a 360° rotatable alligator clip at the back to pin the holder intact at its place.

TeeDemon Doctor Costume - Funny - Mens Shirts - Men's Tshirt Casual T-Shirt Gift

Medical people are always ready to take care of people. This funny t-shirt with a lab coat and stethoscope print makes it one of the funniest doctor gifts. He can wear it during holidays and pretend he is still on duty for a little humour when he is on vacation or having a day off at home. Also, he can wear it under his clothing.

Allbusky 6PCS Novelty Bone Shape Ballpoint Pens, Funny Bone Pens

Doctors hardly ever separate themselves from pens and broken bones. So, combine these two things for them and give him this funny gift for doctors to share a little laughter with them. The bone shapes have great details that mimic real bones. The “bone pens” are not as strong as calcium bones, but they are durable enough to last till it runs out of the ink.

Large Distressed Red Cross Tee T-Shirt

Make your medical man look a little cuter with this medical red cross t-shirt. It will also make a good Christmas gift for the medical student in your life. The shirt is made of soft and durable cotton that feels comfortable on the skin.

GIANTmicrobes Themed Gift Box

Get your physician this GiantMicrobes themed gift box who needs some visual illustration to make kids understand small concepts of medicine. The mini microbes pack includes plush figures of; DNA, Egg cell, Stem Cell, Sperm Cell, and Zygote. It can also be used to teach young students humorously.

Funny Jewelry Accessories Colartiny Anatomical Heart Necklace Women Men Gift

You can treat the doctor in your life with this funny anatomical heart jewellery on his special day. Do send him a reminder to take it off during a surgery so that he does not place a second heart in the patient. It is one of the best ways to honour the funny doctor’s personality.

EKG Rhythm Strip BLS Cardiology ICU Nurse EMT Gift

Keep your doctor’s mind in the life-saving mode, reading EKG rhythm strips during the leisure hours as well. Prevent them from wasting time in the toilet and get them reviewing EKG while doing #2 with these toilet paper rolls. It will make a fun Christmas gift for your beloved doctor or medical students.

Tears of My Patients Funny Quotes Coffee & Tea Gift Mug Cup, Stuff, Décor, Sign, Ornaments

Doctors stay functional due to coffee, so it will be a good idea to get him a doctored mug with a funny inscription like “Tears of my patients.” It contains high-quality paint that will not deteriorate on washing. The other side of the mug has a relatively innocent saying which reads, “On the eighth day God created coffee” so that it doesn’t embarrass your doctor during the serious conditions. It is a perfect present for him no matter what his age is.

Artibetter Multi-Color Syringe Pen

Get your doctor in style with this pack of colourful syringe pens. The pack contains 12 pens so he/she won’t be running out of fashionable pens any time soon. These pens will be fun tools for doctors to play with children who are afraid of syringes.

Fred & Friends E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) Insulated Lunch Tote by Fred & Friends

If you are looking for lunch bags for the doctor who is a member of the family, this lunch box is a great choice. It is sure to raise eyebrows which will turn into a burst of laughter after the revelation. It will be a perfect gift for a doctor if he is afraid of getting his lunch eaten at the hospital. Keep some bacon and turkey sandwich to make it smell like cooked organs.

Found This Humerus Funny Novelty Gift Mug Coaster

Get this mug coaster to your doctor that has a doctor joke that only medical men will understand. The coaster will also go well with the hospital theme and all the posters on the wall in your doctor’s office.

COCOMILLA Brain Anatomy Watercolor Print Medical Art Science Art Wall Decor Wall Art Neurology Human Brain

Who says doctors don’t understand art? They do. Help your doctor in giving a little aesthetic touch to his/her office with this beautifully vivid piece of art. It is completely handmade by skilled artisans. It is also available in different sizes to perfectly decorate the room.

SMILE GIFTS UK Surgeon's Survival Kit

Thank your surgeon for what he/she has done for you, with this cute surgeon’s survival kit. The label on the pack tells the significance of every item included in the pack. It contains a mix of things you wouldn’t think to make any sense that’s why the laminated label comes along to explain why the tools are included.

A Wise Doctor Once Wrote Funny Medical Doctor Handwriting T-Shirt

Doctors’ handwriting in which they write a prescription is the hardest to read. Only the guy at the drugstore or another physician can read the prescription. If you have a doctor in your life who has one of the hardest to read handwritings you have ever seen, then this tee with subtle humour for doctor’s handwriting would be one of the funniest gift ideas for him.

Bandage Band Aid tie Mens Doctor Necktie

How funny would it be if a doctor wears this band-aid necktie at the party? It sure will make people smile. If he wears it for casual meetings with his patients, he will manage to bring a wide smile to their faces.

Shooo 64GB Creative Plastic Doctor USB 2.0 Flash Drive Toy Shape Style Cartoon Robot

Your search for the funny gifts for doctors will end with this funny doctor USB. This novelty robot doctor item will serve two purposes; it will make anyone chuckle who sees it, and it will provide you with 64 GB of external storage space.

custom bobblehead doctor figurines usa make a custom bobble head

Nothing will make a more funny doctor gift than this custom bobblehead doctor. You can customize the bobblehead, body pose and clothes according to your requirement. If you are looking for humour items for your doc friend, his bobblehead figure would be one of the best ideas for gifts.

Medical Blister Pack - Contains 2 x Syringe Pen and 40 x Plaster Sticky Notes

Treat your friend in medicine with one of the best funny doctor gifts on his birthday. It comes with a pair of syringe black pens and two plasters shaped sticky notepads.