18 Cutest Pokemon Gift Ideas That Will Win Everyone’s Heart in 2024

Pokemon is one of the most influential shows of the late ’90s and early 2000. The first show of Pokemon was launched in 1996 and its popularity has been increasing ever since. By 1999, every kid was obsessed with it and it has become a hobby of kids to collect Pokemon trading cards. If you have a fan of Pokemon in your life who wants to roam around the world searching and saving different Pokemon and fighting people like Team Rocket, then it might be a good idea to get him/her a gift related to Pokemon. There is a wide array of merchandise related to the animated show and each one of the items is a treat for the Pokemon enthusiasts. If you are indecisive about what to get a Pokemon lover on his/her special day then look no further. We have prepared a list of Pokemon gift ideas to help you find a gift every Pokemon fan will love to have. 

Cartoon Anime Pokémon Pikachu Doll Cute Large Plush Toy Doll Pillow Children'S Toy

This giant plush Pikachu is sure to win any fan of Pokemon’s heart. It has plush material and has a cotton filling that is comfortable for any kind of skin and has no weird smell. It will make a perfect gift for the kid who loves to cuddle up before sleeping. Also, it is super cute and has a vibrant color which makes it a perfect decor for kids’ room.

Home Indoor Bedroom Shoes

Squirtle soft home slippers would make a great gift for pokemon lovers. The slippers have plush cotton material that keeps your feet warm and comfortable in chilly weather. The heals are not covered with the plush material to prevent slipping.

Pokemon Pikachu Single Duvet Cover

If you are decorating your little Pokemon fan’s room with the Pokemon theme, then this single duvet and pillow cover with Pikachu print would be a perfect choice. The bedding is made from an extremely soft fabric which is a blend of cotton and polyester which induces peaceful sleep and is super easy to wash.

Costume Hoodie Cosplay Jacket Gloves Hat Sets for Trainer

Get your child this Ash Ketchum’s cosplay outfit, if he aspires to be a Pokemon trainer. The set includes a jacket, hat, and gloves. It is unisex fit for kids and has been handmade for the game and show’s fans.

Poke Plush Stuffed Great Ball (Super ball)

If you are looking for something simple, then this plush 7 inches stuffed pokemon ball would make a perfect choice. It has a soft cotton cover and pp cotton filling. It will make an awesome decor for children’s room.

Pokemon - Sublimated Winter Knit Cap with Pom

Let the Pokemon fan in your family and friends enjoy the winters better with this Pokemon winter hat. It has sublimated print which will not fade away due to washing. The cap is knitted with acrylic wool material that protects from chilly winds and keeps you warm.

3D Crystal Ball LED Night Light With Spinning Base

This 3D LED crystal ball with a spinning base would make a perfect ornament for the side table. It has high-quality 3D laser engraving technology which gives a meticulous look. The spinning base has 7 color LED lights which change the color of the Pokemon inside.

Big Plush Toy Doll

This giant Snorlax plush toy would be a treat for any Pokemon lover. It is about 55 cm big which is perfect for a child to cuddle with. Also, it is made of high-quality plush which is safe for the sensitive skin of kids.

DONGRAN Cute Cat Paw Money Box

Help your Pokemon lover kids develop the good habit of saving with this cute Pokemon coin stealing money bank. It makes saving money extremely fun for kids and it is super easy to use. Moreover, it would make a perfect embellishment for the kid’s room.

Pinsjar Flowerpot Cute Garden pot Succulents pots Gift for Kids

Any dedicated fan of Pokemon would greatly appreciate these plant pokemon plant pots. There is a Bulbasaur and Groot shaped plant pot which would enhance the cool look of your house. The pots are made of ceramic and resin that can be painted for a perfect Pokemon look.

Hunbeauty art Pokemon Poster Unframed Canvas Prints Anime Posters for Bedroom

This high-quality Pokemon poster is sure to excite any Pokemon enthusiast. The poster is printed on high-quality canvases which are not framed. The poster is durable and waterproof which can be wiped with a wet cloth to clean. Also, the brilliant anime picture with vibrant color will add a cool touch to your house.

Pikachu Inspired Childrens Hoodie

Celebrate the birthday of your favorite Pokemon lover by getting him/her this vivid Pikachu inspired hoodie. The hoodie is made up of pure cotton which is sure to keep you warm with its extremely soft, comfortable and breathable fabric. It has a loose fit style which gives a cool look to the wearer.

Hori Pikachu Plush Pouch

Get this Pikachu plush pouch to a Pokeman fan and watch him/her crack a beautiful smile. It is perfect to carry phone, lunch, and stationary. Also, it can contain 3DS and new 3DS consoles. The plush bag is also available in Whisper and Jibanyan shapes to choose according to your preferences.

Poke Ball 3D Junior Backpack

Make your young Pokemon lover motivated about going to school by getting him/her this Pokemon junior backpack with Pokeball print. It is a pretty simple backpack which is also the reason for its cool look. It features a themed zipper, adjustable straps and a hanging hook which makes it easy to carry.

Set of 4 Plush Pikachu Charmander Bulbasaur Squirtle Pokemon Soft Toy

This set of plush Pokemon would be a perfect gift for any Pokemon fan. This includes a plush Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. These are all the favorite Pokemons of Ash and his friends. They are made of good quality cotton which is completely safe for kids.

Star Wars Death Star Pokemon Mashup T Shirt

This t-shirt would be the best gift for your friend who is a fan of Pokemon as well as StarWars. The print on the shirt has a mashup of PokeBall and Death Star from StarWars. The t-shirt is made of high-quality cotton material and has a round collar style for a cool appearance.

Keptfeet Waffle Maker

Make waffles for your little Pokemon lovers with this Pokeball waffle maker to get them excited for breakfast. It is easy to use; just plug it in and wait for it to heat up which is shown by an indicator light that turns off. Put the material in it and close the lid and wait for it to cook. It has a non-stick surface which makes it easy to bring waffles out.

Pokemon Collectible Pikachu

This Pikachu coffee mug would make one of the gifts for your Pokemon enthusiast friend. It has been beautifully sculpted in the shape of Pikachu and has beautiful vibrant paint which is sure to win anyone’s heart.