7 Thoughtful 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Brother in 2024

Brothers are like superheroes though they would have very often met you with a black eye when you were growing up. It is with them that you spend your childhood playing and competing outside. Whether your brother is elder or younger than you, he plays a very important role in making you who you are today. Relation with the brother is a complex mix of hatred and love; somedays you are contending with your brother and other days you are teaming up with him. Now, that he has grown up and is going to celebrate his 40th birthday soon, you might wanna make this birthday memorable for him by arranging a theme party for him and getting him an awesome gift that perfectly shows your love for him. Here, I have made a list of 40th birthday gift ideas for brother based on the nature of the relationship you have with your brother.

Bang Tidy Clothing 40th Birthday Gifts for Men

This t-shirt would be a fun birthday gift to the brother who is turning 40 soon. The shirt has a funny message that goes well with the frank and cool relationship with the brother. The message reads, “I’m not 40 I’m 18 with 22 years experience.” It is made of good quality cotton which is soft and comfortable.

Bluerock Bay Milan Personalised Black Leather and Gold Mens Bracelet

Get your elder brother this leather bracelet to give him cool and tough elder brother looks. The bracelet can be personalized with an engraving of a customized text. You can get his name or a birthday wish engraved on it to make it a valuable present for him.

Set of 3 Silver Mini Heart Tins Filled With Chocolate Dragees Present

He is lucky if he is not diabetic at the age of 40 because now he can get this cool gift of 3 mini hearts filled with chocolate Dragees. These chocolates are suitable for vegetarians. You can fill the tins with anything else that your brother likes.

Wooden Sign Crafts for Living Room Decorative

Celebrate your brother’s 40th birthday with this wooden plaque with a sarcastic message for him that reads, “If you haven’t grown up by 40 you don’t have to.”

PU Leather Hip Flask Tan

Get your brother’s initials engraved on this hip flask for his 40th birthday. The flask is made of stainless steel that is covered with artificial leather. The captive screw at the top adds to the elegance of the flask which makes it a good birthday gift idea for the brother.

Wood Phone Docking Station

Help your brother organize better with this wooden stand that can hold his keys, glasses, wallet, watch, pen, and cellphone. There is a slot for a wire to attach to the phone for charging. He would always know where all his stuff will be.

Groomarang 20pc Male Grooming Kit

It is at the age of 40 that a man needs grooming the most. Get your brother this grooming kit that has 20 pieces to groom his looks. The tools are rust-resistant, made to last for a long time.