50 Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys in 2024

Boys are not kids anymore when they are 14 years old. It can be a challenge to read them because they are very much opinionated. That is why it is hard to shop for a gift for them. They tend to try new activities while they go through critical developmental changes. Plus the holiday season makes it even harder to find the perfect gift for them. You would wish to give them something that matches his hobbies and personality and is useful and cool at the same time. Regardless of what he likes the most; science, art, video games, photography, modern gadgets, toys, sports or musical instruments, we have something that you can select as gifts for 14-year-old boys. With so many items that can be opted as a present for your loved one, it can be hard to choose one. But relax, we have made your selection process simple by filtering out the most common and useless things and chosen the ideal ones. We are confident that all of our recommended picks are something they will be coveting. Thanks to our list, we have made this mission much easier for you or else you would have been wasting so much time and effort searching for the perfect gift. We tend to go for gifts that can draw the boy away from the screen time. But being responsible gift providers, we have options that are cool, fun and age-appropriate. So, sit back and scroll down to select the right presents for 14-year-old kids in your family.

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LEGO Creator 10265

The lego is of America's all-time greatest muscle car. It allows your 14 ye14-year-old to customise and build his own 1960s Ford Mustang. It also consists of a V8 engine, dark blue bodywork, detailed car interior, white racing stripes, various custom customisable one and 5 spoke rims.

GlowCity Light Up LED Rim Kit

Your teen is most likely a fan of the NBA and will hoop with buddies till the evening. With this gift of glowing basketball and rim, they can even play when there is no sun. They come in eight lively colours and are of the perfect size.

Bluetooth Music Hat

Teen boys love hats, and many teen boys love music. So why don't you give your son something which is a combo of the two? That's right; this MUIFA hat is exactly the same. It features built-in headphones on both sides for wireless listening to audio.

Apple AirPods Pro

Another music-related gadget for your boy. Not only for music, but these AirPods are also helpful for their online education. They are extremely portable and can be carried anywhere they wish to go. Their extraordinary battery life and powerful noise cancellation feature make them a special gift.

RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB Full Size Electric Guitar Superkit

This electronic guitar kit is perfect for your boy to rock straight out of the box. Even if he doesn't know how to play it, but is extremely interested in jamming, it can be the perfect gift for him as the kit is most suitable for new players.

Sony Srs-XB12 Compact

14-year-olds love to blast their favourite songs on a party or a trip. Give your boy this wireless speaker that he can use to listen to his playlist with his friends at a pool party. Yes, these speakers are waterproof and can be used in almost any condition.

PlayStation 5 Console

Playstation 5 must be on his wishlist and getting a gift like PlayStation 5 will be the surprise of his life. He can play so many latest video games with his friends and have a good time beating them. This gaming console allows up to Ayers local connections at one time. Although a costly option, it's worth it if you want your boy to be happy.

ATIMO Kids Digital Watches

Gifts like a glowing digital watch are something that will impress your 14-year-old son. The glass and body are made up of high strength material, so even if he drops it, it won't even get a scratch.

Silent Gaming Mouse Cool Design Professional Wireless Game Mice

Upgrade the computer accessories of your boy with the iron man-shaped gaming mouse. The wireless mouse is very smooth to use while playing computer games and has attractive glowing eyes. It can be equipped with laptops, tablets and computers with the help of its USB connectivity.

Ydq Speed Cube

An interesting Rubik's cube puzzle that seems like an easy one to solve, but it will test the skills of your kid. It is two in one fun game, a cool combination of legos and Rubik's cube. Double the games mean double the fun.

Cruiser Skateboards

Let your teen to up his skateboarding game with this cruiser skateboard. Its led wheels are what makes it the centre of attention. But make sure he has worn his protective gear while riding on his new board to ensure his safety.

HTC VIVE PRO Premium VR Headset

This highly interactive headset featuring the latest technology is something your 14-year-old cannot resist. This gadget gives a touch of reality to his video gaming experience. Its HD resolution is perfect for watching his favourite cartoons as well.

Difficult Puzzle Book

Develop the intelligence of your kids with this puzzle book. You can test the skills and capabilities of your 14 years old son with this hard to solve yet interesting puzzle. Though, It will improve his thought process.

RnT 16" & 18" Inches Soft Tip Dart Board Kid Darts Party Game Indoor Family Fun

Improve the dart skills of your kid by practising on the soft tip dartboard. With continuous practice, he can get a bullseye every time he throws. It is also a great game to play at his birthday party with his pals.

iClever Kids Headphones - Wired Headphones

You teen will surely enjoy a pair of kids headphones. Along with a cool design, its audio quality is also supreme. With its mic, he can easily talk to his teachers and class fellows during his online classes. Overall, it is a safe, durable and long-lasting gadget.

Dracula's Feast New Blood Card Game

The party gets a little scary with the Dracula card game. With a playing time of 10 to 15 minutes, this game is great for your teen to play with 4 to 8 of his best buddies. It is a game about accusing each other as everyone has their own unique identity.

Nintendo Switch

Simply an unbeatable gift for a teen, this gaming system is incomparable with any other. He can play in his bedroom or his living room with family and friends. Or he can take it with him on the school bus to play on his way to school. It has multiplayer options and allows up to 8 players to play at a time.

Yamaha PSR-E373 Portable keyboard 61 keys Pack 2

Either your son is a piano player or is new to it, it would be a fine gift for him. Not only himself but his friends will also like to play around when they come over to his place. It will also let him produce some impressive sound effects.

Z-Man Games Pandemic Board Game

It's time for your teen and his pals to save the world from pandemic! This is a strategic card and board game that he can play after his birthday party. Playing this game will give him an insight into the world's situation during a pandemic.


ATOYX Mini Drone is most suitable for bringing happiness to 14-year-old kids as it is easy on the pocket as well as easy to use. It features one key landing/ taking off, altitude hold and headless mode that enables you to control it easily.

Ipalmay Home Night Lights

This night lamp is a fabulous gift for your boy to have a peaceful sleep at night. Other than that, it is also good for him to use while doing his homework. He will surely smile when he sees this cute accessory present on his desk.

LED Strip Lights

For those teens who love to make TikToks and vibe in their bedroom, these LED strip lights are for them. They can hang these small lights in their room to make it look. They can also program the set to give off numerous vibrant coloured lights.

Magnetic XT11 Comfortable Wear

Teens do covet this wireless earphones pair from magnetic. It is awesome for listening to his most favourite tracks while going to the gym, watching movies or studying. They are also fabulous for athletes during working out, jogging or running.

Legit Camping - Double Hammock

A double hammock is a nice way for your kid to relax alone or enjoy sleeping under bright, sparkling stars. Now your kid can go camping with his school trip or relax with his pals on the lawn. It is very easy to set on sturdy trees or poles in no time.

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

The Fujifilm Instax SQ6 has so many features that make it one of the best gifts that your son can get. This instant camera will allow him to rediscover the fun of items that can be cherished, felt and stored.

Young N Refined 4 Space posters set

Space astronaut posters are as famous as ever! In this pack of 4 stickers, all of his favourite astronaut journeys are beautifully displayed in these pictures. Paste them on the walls of his room to decorate it beautifully and let his dream of becoming an astronaut come true.

Thinkfun - Gravity Maze

Another interesting, fun and logical puzzle game for your boy to have a good time with his buddies. Not only mental development but this gift will also improve his visual perception and reasoning skills.

AIDEAONE Kids Boys T-Shirts Summer Casual Tops 6-16 Years

This top will be truly the favourite one due to its awesome and eye-catching design. Your boy will look so cool wearing it and can show off in front of his friends. His friends will ask him to get them shirts like this too.

BDLeKing Sofa Bean Bag Cover

Try giving him something different and more comfortable to sleep on other than his bed, a premium bean bag chair. He will sleep more peacefully and relaxed on it as its ergonomic design will keep his posture upright.

Gaming Headset

Let him have an extraordinary gaming experience with this gaming headset with mic. Its cool design and fancy looks with glowing LEDs are what makes it so impressive. Gift him this amazing gadget to update his gaming rig.

1Tee Boys Eat Sleep Football Repeat T-Shirt

A nice T-shirt for teens who are a fan of soccer. It is a nice shirt that he can wear and show his love for football. The shirt has good colours, quality stuff and can be worn at any time of the year.

Nike Boys Air Max 270 React (Gs) Running Shoe

The shoes are something that every teen would love to have. They will allow your son to have a great running and jogging time. These beautiful shoes are also awesome to wear and go to high school. The pair is suitable for any of his favourite jeans.

Z&X Primary School Bag Waterproof Lightweight Children's Backpack

The school bag has a fabulous baseball design and ultra-light in weight, a nice back-to-school season gift for teens. It is no less than a fashion element for boys to let them stand out of the crowd.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Your teens will need an adjustable laptop stand if he used to do his schoolwork all over the place. It is an accessory that will give him a lot of comfort in terms of using a laptop and allow him to keep his things like pencils, mobile etc. close to him.

Pro Acme TR90 Unbreakable Polarized Sports Sunglasses

It is a light frame glasses that are splendid for the active lifestyle of your teens. These premium sunglasses will make him switch from his old shades to them. He can also take them to his next baseball game or bring them to hang out with his buddies. With 100% UV protective lenses, they can help him to tackle scattered and reflected dangerous glares.

I-CHOOSE LIMITED BLACK | 10000mAh Portable Charger

Teens love to take pictures whenever they go out with their pals on vacation. But that drains the maximum of their mobile phones' battery. To keep the battery full, they would appreciate having a stylish power bank. With an impressive LED display, this essential accessory will ensure they give out classy vibes.

The Complete Cookbook

Teens who haven't gone once in the kitchen for cooking purposes will have an enjoyable time reading this book. They can learn how to cook yummy and delicious foods that are healthy for them. Boys who love to eat can not ask for more than a cookbook to teach them the right way to make their favourite dishes at home.

New Apple iPad Pro

If you want to give your son some kind of portable entertainment, what's more, exciting present than a new iPad. Besides watching movies, listening to music and TV shows sitting on a coach, it is an excellent substitute to a heavy laptop.

Keyian LED Bike Wheel Lights

This astonishing wheel string has a variety of LED lights that make your bike look simply out of this world. Its installation is very easy and straightforward; you don't even need any tools for it. Your son's bike will look so cool, especially when he goes out at night on it.

Mustcam®720P HD Wifi Digital Microscope

Show your teen what the small world looks like on a big screen with this high tech digital microscope. It will run for more than 100 minutes on its rechargeable battery. Your son will be very excited to observe small stuff on his tablet or laptop's display.

Xbox Series X

If your son is not a fan of PlayStation, consider going for the latest Xbox Series X. It will surely impress him, especially if he doesn't have a video game console like a Nintendo switch. The Nintendo Switch is perfect for him if he is not into many outdoor activities.

COIKNAVS Boys' Kids Galaxy Teen Zipper Hoody Fleece Full Zip Up Hoodie 4-15Y

Another cool hoodie to take the dressing scene of your son to the next level. Your kid will be rocking this baby for quite some time. Such a fancy and unique gift will 100% make his birthday a memorable one.

Gostwo Mens Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Of Course, your little one would be willing to feel like a grown-up on his 14th birthday. Plus, he will be looking for something else to keep his lunch money and school ID in place of a school bag or his jeans pockets. A classy wallet would be optimum for him to fulfil these needs.

Werewolf 1/8 Brushless Electric RC Buggy

If your teen is a great admirer of remote control stuff, he will be grateful for this RC buggy. He can easily move it over smooth and rough tracks at very fast speeds. He can even make long jumps with it as it has top-notch shock absorbers.

Bazen 12 Color Changing Flashing Skeleton Gloves Novelty

Make his Halloween more enjoyable and thrilling with these skeleton gloves. They have LED lights that keep on changing after some time interval. He has total control over the lights with the button on the wrist. Your little one will have great fun wearing them in a Halloween party.

tenger Castle Building Kit

Your kid may not be into regular Legos, but he will surely have a great experience using it, especially if he loves ancient stories and building stuff. This castle building kit will enable him to know about the details of the castle’s structure, dragons, ships and more.

OUTCAMER Inline Skates

If your son is looking to take up a thrilling and new sport, get him these inline skates. With LED lights in the wheels, these skates offer a smooth, supportive and comfortable ride. These also provide the right control for slow, normal and high pace.

Professional Rechargeable PMR Radio Walkie Talkies

With these professional walkie talkies, teens will achieve the real feeling of firefighter, soldier or police. They can communicate up to 5 miles with these gadgets. It is also perfect for boys who are not mature enough for having a mobile phone.

The Way Things Work Now

This book is made for teens who ask so many questions about different things all the time. The most boring topics are made fun with anecdotal stories. They will get all the answers that will make them understand everything about various topics such as the working of elevators, life cycles, 3D and touch screens.

Celestron 21035 Travel Scope 70 Portable Refractor Telescope Kit

It is an affordable, top-quality telescope for kids that has simple usage, accessories and straightforward features, everything you expect from a kids telescope. So, let your son try the new way of stargazing, explore the skies and watch beautiful stars at night.


The list doesn’t end here; there are still many choices for you to choose. But our recommended gift ideas must be on the wishlist of your son. You need to take some time to see what your little one likes and dislikes. Then go for the perfect gift that has all the required qualities. We are pretty sure you can get the ideal present from our flawless list of best gifts. Your teen will be very much happy to get a unique gift on his special day of life. The happiness that will come on his face will make you a proud parent.