19 Amazing Sweets For Mum To Celebrate Mother’s Day in 2024

Mum knows best and she deserves the best things. Nothing much has changed for her since you were a child and she used to run around behind you because most probably she still runs behind you to spend a little time with you. If your mom likes sweet than nothing will be better than a delicious dessert. If you are arranging a party, you might want to get something special for your mother who is a fan of sweets. you can get your mom a gift of sweets on her special day like her birthday, Mother’s day or her wedding anniversary because she shouldn’t bake on those days. It is better to bake yourself but if you are not good at baking and are afraid that you might mess it up, you can always order something online. Here is a list of sweets for mum that can help you win her heart. The items included in the list might not be as sweet as she is but they are sure to make the day for your mom.

Personalised Giant Belgian White Chocolate Chip Cookie

This giant Belgian chocolate chip cookie can be personalized with custom text for gift giving. You can get a wish for your mother inscribed on it for her special day. The cookie is available in three different flavors; milk, triple and which Belgian chocolate chip. Other ingredients of the cookie are sugar, wheat flour, rice, margarine, cocoa, egg, cocoa solids, soya lecithin and milk baking powder that make it superlatively delicious.

Muffin, Flapjack & Biscuit Gift Basket - Large

The gift basket with muffins, cookies, and flapjack would make an awesome gift for your mom on mother’s day. The basket is hand wrapped and tied with a pretty gold-colored ribbon. It also includes a card on which you can get your personalized text printed. The basket is made of wicker which gives the hamper an elegant look.

Sugar n Spice Decadent Chocolate Muffin 100 g

Your mom is sure to love this delicious chocolate muffin which brings a tsunami of delightful taste in your mouth. It is a pack of 12 muffins and each muffin is wrapped individually wrapped and weighs about 100g.

American Hard Gums 1.8kg Retro Sweets Large Victorian Gift Jar

This jar of American hard gums would be perfect gift to bring to the party for your sweet loving mom. The gums are a product of The Gourmet Sweet Company who makes quality confectionery. The glass jar makes it a perfect gift for mom.

Chocolate Bouquet Gifts - Chocolate Gift Set

Wish your mom a happy birthday with this chocolate bouquet gift. The bouquet has been handmade using premium Belgian chocolates in the UK. The arrangement has 10 star-shaped solid Belgian milk chocolates, 6 Hazelnut Lindor chocolates, and 4 Ferrero Rocher chocolates which is sure to surprise.

Cerisettes Whole Cherry in brandy covered in Dark chocolate 200g Box

This box of the whole cherries covered in brandy and dark Belgian chocolate would be perfect to get your mom on her wedding anniversary. The gold ballotin box includes 10 pieces of delectable chocolate cherries.

The White Chocolate Lindt Cake

Treat your mother with this white chocolate cake for her birthday celebration. It features delicious buttercream filling that is sure to spread delight. The cake comes well packaged in a beautiful box for safe shipment and easy gift giving.

Downton Hamper With Red Wine

This luxury gift hamper includes cookies, marmalade, cottage delight, pure butter shortbread fingers, chocolate toffee, red wine and more. The items are placed in a beautiful wicker basket and has a golden ribbon tied to it. You can include a card with a personalized text in the hamper.

Lessiters Hand Finished Swiss Assorted Chocolate Truffles

The pack of hand-finished Swiss chocolate truffles will be one of the best sweet gifts for mum if she is a fan of chocolate. The pack has 11 different flavors of truffles and there are 7 truffles of each flavor making it a pack of 77 truffles.

Fresh Fruit & Muffin Hamper

This impressive fruit and muffins gift hamper would make a perfect gift for your mom. It includes apples, pink grapefruit, Kiwi, bananas. oranges, and muffins. All the items in the items are freshly packed in a wicker basket with a big golden ribbon on the top. Also, you can get your personalized message on the card included.

Traditional Black and White Mints Gift Box

Any dedicated fan of sweet would love this pack of black and white mints. The mints have layers of mint fondant and licorice to provide its unique taste. Each pack includes a pack of 65 sweets that will be enough to spread delight on her special day.

Buttered Brazils

Get your mom a pack of crunchy buttered whole Bolivia brazil nuts. The nuts are wrapped in brittle butter toffee shells that give a perfect blend of crunch and sweetness. The pack is presented in a cellophane bag with a ribbon finishing.

Sweets in the City Retro Classic Jar

This classic jar filled with yummy goodies and candies is perfect for mother’s day celebration. It includes drumstick lollies, refresher chews, fizzer rolls, love hearts, flying saucers, cola bottles, and candy jewelry. The sweets are packaged in a reusable plastic jar which makes it just the kind of gift that mom’s love.

White Chocolates Gift Box

If your mom loves white chocolates than this box of 22 fresh Leonidas Belgian pralines assorted with luxury butter cream and fruity centres. The white chocolate is made from a high quality cocoa butter.

Mr Tubbys Jelly Mix - Merry Christmas Red Label - Large Jar 1500g

This plastic jar full of mix flavored jellies with a “Merry Christmas” label will be a perfect gift for your sweet loving mom on Christmas. The jellies are made with sugar, glucose, beef gelatine, fruit juices, citric acid, glazing agents, and flavourings. The plastic jar is recyclable, reusable and resealable.

Retro Chocolate Style Pick and Mix Sweets

The box full of chocolate sweet is sure to lift your mom’s mood. It is one of the most affordable and good quality gifts out there. It has 5 cellophane bags of white mice, pink chocolate hearts, ice cream cones, jazzies, and pink pigs.

Leonidas Gift Dark Chocolates

Make the get together with your mom a little sweeter than this pack of luxury Leonidas Belgian dark chocolates. The pack contains delectable pralines, sinfully delicious truffles, fresh butter creams, and rich ganache. Each item is thickly covered in dark chocolate.

Large Ferrero Rocher 20 Chocolate Lovers Bouquet Gift

Get your mother this chocolate bouquet on Mother's day and watch her crack the most beautiful smile. The bouquet has arrangement of white roses together with ferrero rocher chocolates to make beautiful gift. There are 20 chocolates in it with a grosgrain bow and tag.

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza 7 inch

Express your love to your mom on her birthday with this sweet chocolate pizza. The pizza features base of smooth silky Belgian milk chocolate and topping of curls of creamy white chocolate. Also, it has delicious finishing with pieces of vanilla fudge and brownies.