15 Awesome Leaving Present Ideas in 2024

Leaving present ideas

It is one of the saddest feelings in the world when our loved one moves a little far from you because of some compulsion like a job or studies. They get less involved in your life and every now and then, something reminds you of them. If your neighbors, colleagues, favorite, class fellow, or any other special person in your life is going to leave you, you can bid them a fond farewell by leaving gifts to let them know how grateful you are for them to have them in your life, maybe even for a short while. It can be a little arduous to find a perfect gift for your friend. It largely depends upon what kind of relationship you have with that person for whom you are looking for a gift. Here, we have made a list of “Leaving Present Ideas” for you so that you can farewell your friend in a sweet way.

Sleeping Bunny Rabbit Girl Baby Stuffed Plush Dolls Toys

Bid farewell to your class fellow who is going to another school by getting her this Sleeping Bunny Girl. It is made of soft cotton fabric that is skin-friendly and it has been stuffed with PP cotton. Each seam has been sewn meticulously making it one of the cutest leaving gifts for your friends.

Rocher Chocolate Gift Set

If your neighbors are leaving their house and moving out, you can have some good time with them by taking this box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to them. The box contains 42 delicious pieces wrapped in crispy wafers. The chocolate balls are made of luscious milk chocolate with crunchy hazelnuts on the outer layer and creamy chocolate filling inside. Everyone loves sweets and chocolates, so it would make a brilliant leaving gift for your neighbors.

Rude balloons

These rude balloons are not suitable for work but you can bid farewell to your colleague with them in a private party on office leaving. These vibrant colored balloons with somewhat rude messages printed on it are sure to bring the party to life. These balloons give you the best opportunity to spread some laughter with the people you care about.

Joke in A Box

This unique leaving gift would surely bring a wide smile on your friend’s face who is moving out for higher studies. The box is made of hard card and has a funny and sentimental message on the front.

Scented Candles Lavender

This set of 4 scent candles to your neighbors who are moving out. These essence candles are wonderful leaving gifts as well as housewarming gifts for their new house. The 4 candles come in 4 different beautiful tin bowls and each bowl has a different scented candle. The 4 flavors are lemon, rose, lavender, and Mediterranean fig. These candles are perfect for aromatherapy.

Office Supply Station Tape Dispenser

This unique tape dispenser would make a simple but one of the funniest leaving presents to your class fellow or colleague who is going to leave for some other institution. It is made of a blend of PVC and ABS which is durable. It has a pen holder at the back of it which makes it practical for the study table.

Knock Knock Nag Note Sticky Notes

If your loved one is moving out of your house to go to the other town for a job or studies, then this nag note would make a practical gift for him/her to help that special one to remember things that you used to remember for him/her. It is one of the most brilliant gift ideas to say goodbye to your friend.

Personalised Gold Plated Business/Credit Card Holder

This personalized gold plated card holder would make a perfect gift for your colleague with whom you spent a good time. The cardholder can be engraved with custom text in a beautiful style. The custom text can be up to 60 characters. You can engrave it with a heartwarming message making it one of the most amazing leaving presents.

Personalised Teacher Tote Bag

You can get this simple tote bag with personalized print for teachers would be enough to bring a smile on your favorite teacher’s face. The bag is made of polyester fabric which is durable and suitable for machine wash.

720°DGREE Thermo Flask Follow

This stainless steel flasks would make an awesome gift for your colleague when he is leaving the office. The flask is vacuum insulated and the cap of the bottle can also be used as a cup. It is available in two different sizes i.e 450ml and 700ml to choose from according to his/her love for tea and coffee. It surely makes one of the most functional and practical leaving gifts for your friends.

Nutcase Personalized Pen Mobile Stand Holder

You can get this personalized mobile and pen holder as a farewell gift to your friend. The stand/holder is made of high quality pine wood which has been polished in a dark walnut color. It features a sticker of world map which, along the beautiful wooden, would make a good ornament for the study table.

Personalised Luxury Silver Pen and Chrome Case

Bid farewell to your colleague by getting him this personalized ball pen and a chrome case. Both pen and the case can be personalized with a custom text that makes it special. It has a standard ink parker style pointer that can be replaced if it runs out of ink.

Gemini_mall Pack of 5

if you are looking for unique leaving gifts for your classmate, this set of 5 different colored pen vase pencil pot would be a perfect choice. It will also be a good pick if you want to get something for your friends when you are leaving the school. The pencil pots are available in Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Red. They are perfect to organize stationary and make a cute table top ornament.

Funny Colleague Leaving Gift Mug

Say “goodbye” to your colleague in a style with this coffee mug with a funny message printed on it. It has a high gloss finish and has sharp clear print. The message on the mug is a little rude but it is not as rude as leaving his friends in the office. If you are looking for leaving gifts that will put a smile on his face, this mug is the best choice.

Blank lined notebook,Journal

This notebook is sure to melt your friend’s heart who is moving out of your neighborhood or school. It features a beautiful print on the cover with a heart touching message in a pretty font that reads, “never forget the difference you’ve made.” It surely makes one of the best leaving gifts for your friend who is moving away.