30 Amazing Gifts for New Mums in 2024

Baby Pillow-SYY Shoulder Strap-breastfeeding Pillow

This breastfeeding pillow with a shoulder strap would probably be the best gift for new mums. The strap is easily detachable to adjust to any position for feeding. It has a soft and comfortable anti-pilling cotton pillowcase that can be removed by simply unzipping. It adjusts to the right height and prevents unnecessary movement that can stop the baby ahead of time. With this pillow, the mother does not have to carry the baby while breastfeeding that can get very tiring.

Memory Foam Travel Pillows Neck Resting Head Neck U Shape Soft Pillow

Taking care of the baby gets very hard sometimes and the mother has to sit for hours with the baby in her arms to calm him/her down. A new mum can use a travel pillow as a gift to rest a little while sitting for the baby. This pillow is specially designed to adjust to the contours of the neck which in turn lets you relax.

Eye Mask for Sleeping

A sleeping eye mask would make a perfect present for a new mum as she is sure to be underslept. This eye mask will let her sleep better for the few hours she gets. This eye mask has a special round modular donut that provides more space for the eye which does not put any kind of pressure on it. It is made of comfortable, breathable and skin-friendly foam that does not irritate.

Luxury Breast Ice Packs for Nursing

After some time, breastfeeding starts to get painful, uncomfortable and tiring. This gel pack is the best solution for the pain and soreness of nipples. The unique design of the gel pack is recommended by many medical practitioners. It relieves breast pain and unclogs the milk ducts. It is also effective for engorged breasts, sore nipples, inflammation, and mastitis. Get the new mummy this magic gel as a gift to make breastfeeding comfortable for her.

Nursery Baby Cushion Round Mat with Pom Pom Ball

This super-soft nursery cushion can be helpful for the new mum in endless ways. She can use it to prop up the baby for breastfeeding while laying down. The cover is made of cotton and the filling is of breathable duvet which makes it extremely soft the baby to have a comfortable sleep for hours.

Perfuw Breathable Baby Carrier

Make carrying the baby easier for her by this baby carrier. The material used is soft and breathable to avoid any kind of uneasiness on the part of the baby or the mother. The straps go around the waist and over the shoulder which can be adjusted to the comfortable height. The carrier protects your baby’s head by adjusting it in such a manner that it rests on your body.

Bestow Women's Slippers

A new mum would welcome something that would let her feel comfortable. She is absolutely going to love these fluffy flat flip flops. The fluffy material and the rubber sole reduces stress on the joints and makes you feel comfortable while walking. These flip flops will make the best gifts for the new mother. They will keep her feet warm and comfortable when she wakes up in the night to check on the baby or when she is just lounging around in the living room with the baby.

Neck Massager with Adjustable Straps

A neck massager would be the best gift for the new mum who has been going through a lot for the past year. This massager is the best choice as it can massage your neck, back, shoulder, arms, abdomen, waist, calves, thighs, feet, and legs. The adjustable heating and intensity system relieves muscle pain and stress. The new mum will appreciate you gifting her a neck massager more than anything.

Vkospy Organic Bamboo Superfine Fiber Washable Reusable Nursing Pads

Nursing pads would make the most functional and practical gifts for the new mum on the baby shower. These nursing pads contain 3 layers which make it unbelievably soft. The material for the cover is PUL, the interlayer contains superfine fiber and the contact surface is made of bamboo fiber. The 3 layer design provides you relief after breastfeeding. The microfiber of the pads ensures maximum absorbency of leaking milk.

Time2® Upgraded Indoor Home Security Camera Wireless

Mommy needs to keep an eye on the baby 24/7. This indoor wireless camera will let the new mother lookout for the baby even when she is not around in the home to her heart’s content. Also, it will allow her to perform other tasks in the home as well without letting the baby away from her sight. The camera provides 1080p HD vision in the day and night. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to set up this camera and operate it. It would make one of the best gift ideas for the moms who want to make themselves present when their child needs them.

Bath and Body Gift Set

Let the new mum take a little break from the baby and worries and get her a spa basket to let her have an hour of calmness. It will be much better if you promise to take care of the baby while she takes a long relaxing bath and tends herself. This spa basket includes everything that anyone needs to have a relaxing bath. The basket contains a Honey and Lavender scent, A shower gel, bubble bath, a soap, bath salt, and body lotion.

Baby Gift Basket Baby Gift Hamper

Anything for the new baby also makes the mom happy therefore you can send this delightful keepsake baby gift pack to keepsake baby’s treasure like the first curl, first tooth, and hospital bracelet. The package includes a pair of white baby socks, cotton baby bib, a plush elephant, a pair of white scratch mittens, a teether ring rattle, and two pairs of baby shoes with booties. The pack will be sent with a gift card and in the beautiful box.

Can't Keep Calm I'm a Mum Now Funny China Mug

Treat the new mum in your life with this coffee mug and watch her crack a beautiful smile. The message on the mug reads, “Can’t keep calm I’m a mum now.” The china mug comes in a matching printed box and it is completely safe for dishwashers and microwaves.

Large Ferrero Rocher 24 Chocolate Lovers Bouquet Gift Hamper

Let the chocolate-lover new mum in your life have a good time with this pack of 20 chocolates. The chocolates and roses are arranged in a beautiful bouquet. It will be a perfect gift for the baby shower or mother’s day. All the chocolates are fresh and handmade in the UK to ensure the best quality.

Black Polka dot Essentials pre-Packed

A new mum will really appreciate a backpack in which she can put all the baby stuff while going outside. This bag is pre-packed with all the essentials for the mom and the baby. You can also add more stuff like flowers and baby products that you deem necessary. It will also be a practical gift for the new mother on the baby shower.

Bedsure Fluffy Throw Blankets

New mums are in the dire need of rest and peaceful sleep of a few hours. This versatile throw fleece blanket makes one of the best gifts for new mums to help them take power naps. With this blanket you can snuggle up on the couch while watching TV shows. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Kindle Paperwhite | Waterproof

Kindle paperwhite will make an amazing gift for bookworm new moms. It is completely waterproof and you can choose the internal data storage from 8GB or 32 GB. You can store and take your books anywhere anytime with you. You can choose it in your favourite colour from; Black Twilight Blue, Sage and Plum.

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier

Baby carriers are going to be one of the most used products for the new mother in the upcoming years. Infantino Flip Advanced Baby Carrier allows you to carry the child in 4 different ergonomic positions. It has a weight limit upto 32 lbs therefore it is sure to last till babies older years.

DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer

Help the new mums develop an effective hair care routine with this Supersonic Hair Dryer. Its intelligent heat control has 3 speed settings that is ideal to maintain healthier, shinier hair. It comes with a styling concentrator, smoothing nozzle, storage hanger and non-slip mat making it one of the ideal gifts for new mums.

Neato Robotics D701 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

New mums will appreciate every little help they can get. This robot vacuum will clear the dust, pet hair and allergens even from the corners. It can be easily operated with start, stop, schedule, find and receive notification with the Neato app in your smartphone. You can create “no-go” lines with the app to protect valuable decor, heavy messes, pet bowls and other things in the home.

Amazon Essentials Women's Mid-Length Plush Robe

Let her sleep in comfort and style with this super soft plush robe. It is crafted with 100% polyester that gives you a snug feeling for your post shower routine. It is available in 15 different colours and various sizes for you to choose that is most suitable for you.

VAVA Night Lights for Kids with Stable Charging Pad

Looking for practical gifts for new mum that can make things more convenient for her? Check out this portable night light with a stable charging pad. It offers you with just enough light that is ideal for late night breastfeeding and finding certain things for the baby. The anti-blue light LED will not hurt the eyes when it is turned on in the night.

MuslinZ 6pk Baby Muslin Squares Burp Cloths 100% Pure Soft Cotton

Muslin cloths come in handy to wipe the mess of those little blowouts during or after breastfeeding. These muslin cloths are crafted with soft and smooth cotton that is safe on the delicate skin of the baby making them perfect mum gifts.

Batiste Clean & Classic Original Dry Shampoo, 400ml

Being a mom can leave you with barely enough time to breath; she can hardly take out enough time to pamper her beauty. When you are short on time, a dry shampoo comes in handy to regain a lustrous look for your hair. Batiste Clean & Classic is the No.1 dry shampoo in the UK. The advanced formula of citrus, clean musk and floral bouquets leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean. Its quick bursts transform users’ look instantly while adding body, volume and texture to the hair. It is one of the best products you can get to your friend who is too caught up in her duties of being a new mom.

Tomiya Scar Removal Cream

Tomiya scar cream has been clinically proven to work effectively on new and old scars resulting from c-section, surgery, trauma, cosmetic procedures, burns, stretch marks, acne and more. It has natural plant extract formulas that minimize and flatten the appearance of scars. It is also ideal to relieve discomfort and itchiness, diminish redness and prevent abnormal scarring.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

You can add this superb hand cream in the gift box to help her achieve soft and tender skin on hands. It has instant and lasting relief for chapped and dry hands. The ingredients contain glycerin that will make your hands noticeably smoother and softer even under the harshest conditions. It is unscented which makes it safe for the sensitive skin.

Twinings Superblends Sleep Tea

Looking for something that can take out her stress and helps her relax? Check out this is a deliciously serene and smooth blend of vanilla and apple flavourings that bring a touch of cinnamon reminiscent of vanilla ice cream with apple pie with a dash of comforting sweetness. The perfect blend will help your friend relax and induce peaceful sleep making it a perfect gift for the new mothers.

SUNNYME Women Button Down Pyjama Set

Treat her with this women’s pyjama set to let her relax a little. It is crafted with a blend of spandex and polyester which is smooth, soft and breathable. The new mom can lounge with a pyjama set in summer and sleep in comfort. It is ideal to wear while walking around, lounging, bridal party, pyjama party with friends and nursing breastfeeding. Switching from maternity clothes to this comfortable pyjama set will be the most amazing feeling for the new mom.

Rose Quartz Baby Bonding Bracelet

Baby bonding bracelet is wonderfully crafted from natural rose quartz. The stone is believed to evoke greater affection and love between the baby and mom. It is also known to protect the mother during pregnancy and childbirth. It is also known to be the most powerful of fertility gemstones. It surely makes the best gift for moms.

Gifts for Mum Sterling Silver Engraved Three Ring

The three rings of the pendant represent the three stages of life; past, present and future. It shows the baby's strong and interlaced bond with his mother. The rings are engraved with heartwarming messages for the mom, which makes this piece of jewellery one of the most amazing items for mum as a gift from the child.

Neom Organics London Real Luxury Scented Candle

This Neom luxury scented candle makes one of the best presents for the new mum. It offers a fresh and modern take on rose which helps you calm and relax. It is made with essential oils which can change your mood positively with scent. It will make you feel like you are walking in an orchard filled with millions of flowers.

HB.YE Nursery Baby Cushion Round Mat

Looking for something that can assist the new mom in taking care of the baby? This super-soft nursery cushion will make a perfect gift for her. It can be helpful for the new mum in endless ways. She can use it to prop up the baby for breastfeeding while laying down. The cover is made of cotton and the filling is of breathable duvet which makes it extremely soft for the baby to have a comfortable sleep for hours.