20 Professional Gifts For Graphic Designers That Will Help Them in 2024

Picking out a gift for your loved ones is always confusing yet thrilling. It is difficult to make up your mind about what you want to get that person. When you do make up your mind, it becomes difficult to find the perfect item that had some resemblance to what you had in your mind.  It is difficult to say that if you know a person better, it becomes easy to find a present for that person. I think it is as difficult to choose a gift for a casual friend as it is for the person who is close. If you can’t make up your mind about what to get a person whom you sincerely love, you can always opt for something related to their profession that can help them in their daily work. If you have a graphics designer in your close friends, it can be a little tricky to find a perfect gift for them. Here, I have prepared a list of Gifts for Graphic Designers to help you find a perfect gift for your graphic designer friend.

Windows, Office, Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Keys Large Computer Mouse Mat/Desk Pad for Gamer

This gaming mousepad would be extremely helpful for the designers as it contains shortcut keys of MS Office, Windows and Adobe Photoshop. The shortcut keys will make a designer fast and efficient in his work.

Adobe Indesign Graphic Designer - Best Gift Coffee Mugs

This Adobe InDesign graphic designer coffee mug would make a perfect gift for your graphic designer friend. The ceramic mug has a premium hard coat that gives it vibrant and crisp color. The mug is safe for microwave and dishwasher.

Street Decor Metal Sign street sign

This graphic designer sign would be a perfect decor for a freelancer’s room or garage where he works. The sign is made of sheet iron. It has pre-drilled holes that make it easy to hang on the wall or put in mesa.

Designer Printed Fridge Magnet Hardboard

This hardboard fridge magnet with the caption, “Oh, crop” would make a perfect gift for your graphic designer friend on his birthday or Christmas. The fridge magnet is available in a variety of colors and designs to choose from according to your preference and color scheme of the house.

Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Because graphic designers need music to keep going so get your designer friend these wireless earbuds to listen to music. The wireless earphones would be best for designers because the wire can hinder the mouse in its delicate work. The earphones connect with the phone via Bluetooth and give noise-proof sound to give the best experience.

Docooler Wireless Optical Mouse with USB Arc Mouse

A computer mouse is one of the best friends of a graphic designer. Your designer friend will really appreciate this stylish bending mouse. It brings the comfortable operation experience. The mouse is wireless that allows you to work smoothly.

80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills

“Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills” is one of the best gifts for the designers to improve their skills. It would be a perfect gift for a graphic designer who has recently graduated.

12 Inch LCD Digital Ewriter Electronic Graphics Tablet

This 12” LCD Ewriter mini graphic board is a dream of every graphic designer. It has a radiation and glare free screen that protects sensitive eyes and one can work on it for a long time.

Pigment Fineliner Pens

Pigma Micron pens are perfect for those who work on illustrators. Each pen is designed in such a way that it gives an accurate line. It is a set of 3 pens; a graphic pen and 2 micron fineliners. Your friend would really appreciate this set as a birthday gift.

Slim Laptop Backpack Waterproof

Help your graphic designer friend adopt cool looks by gifting him/her this cool slim laptop bag. The backpack is made up of waterproof oxford fabric that keeps your gadgets safe inside. It has padded back and shoulder straps which makes comfortable and easy to carry around.

DirkFigge Bluetooth Speaker

This bluetooth speaker would be a perfect embellishment and means of entertainment in his work place i.e. garage or his room. It also has an AUX port to support audio input. The speaker is charged through USB port and it can run for 2-4 hours.

Adjustable Computer Work Station Rolling Presentation Cart With Monitor Arm

This stand up desk can be adjusted to any suitable height from sitting to standing. It also has moniter mounting arm that can raise your computer screen. It is the most practical gift you can give to someone who work involves sitting infront of screen. It is suitable for personal computers as well.

Feob Portable Charger Power Banks for Mobile Phones

You can gift a powerful power bank to keep your friend’s designing pad goiing when he/she is working outdoors. This power bank can store power up to 25800mah which can get your pad charged twice or thrice once it is fully charged.

Logitech Slim Folio with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

Graphic designers do need a keyboard but for small jobs. You can turn your Ipad into a laptop with one click to make work easier. It has 3 smple modes to adjust it according to your typing style. The keyboard is connected with the pad with integrated bluetooth.

80 Colors Dual Tip Art Marker Pens

This pack of 80 vibrant colors would make a good gift for your graphic designer friend on the special day. These colors can be used sketching, drawing , illustrating, writing, shading , rendering, designing, manga etc. Each marker has a double stip; fine and broad for fine details and broader strokes.

Trendy Enamel Artist Paint Palette and Brush Wheat Chain Bracelet

This bracelet would make a perfect jewelry present to your female designer friend. The braccelet is made of nickle and lead free alloy. It comes in a beautiful dranded velvet bag for gift-giving.

Light Pad,LED A3 Light Panel Graphic Digital Tablet Copyboard

Make designing easier for your friend with this A3 LED grahic digital tablet. It can be used to copy any painting by pressing the pad on it. Moreover, you can make diamond painting for better positioning.

Multi-function Bamboo Desk Organizer

Get everything within the reach of your hands with this bamboo desk organizer. A graphic designer can keep small objects on it like stickynotes, markers, pens and other items that can help him while drawing.

Pro Grade Glitter Tattoos Kit

Draw these cool color tattoos on your body and let them speak for your graphic designing skills. The tattoos use 3 layer glitter system due to which lasts longer i.e 7 days. THe kit also includes instruction manuel for you to achieve a perfect tattoo. The glitters do not contain any element that is harmful to your skin.

Multifunction Printer Scanner Copier

A good quality color printer would be one of the most functional gift to your graphic designer friend or family. The printer will allow him/her to have the hard copy of their handiwork which they can frame and use as a wall ornament.