14 Amazing Gifts For A Female Boss That Will Surely Fill Her With Joy in 2020

Gifting a boss is a very tricky business though it is for any special occasion or just to show your appreciation for their favor and it gets even trickier if your boss is a female. While picking a gift for your female boss, you want to choose a gift that is cool, classy and might contain a ting of humor. It will be a good idea to steer away from personal items like a perfume or a dress as they might be “over-the-top” and send a wrong message to your boss and your colleagues might think you are being a brownnoser. Here, I have compiled a list of gifts for a female boss so that you can get her a perfect gift that she would appreciate and doesn’t get things really weird. The items listed here are practical, funny, and memorable which would be totally appropriate for the female boss.

Unicorn boss Birthday Gift for Women, Bosses Cup

If your boss has done a favor to you and you want to give her something as a token of appreciation, then this wine glass with a beautiful design on it would be a cool gift for her. The design would show her that she is a super boss, unlike other bosses.

Bearing Gifts Hamper, Luxury Hampers

This gift basket contains all the appropriate gifts for your female boss. It includes a variety of delicious foods and drinks; popcorn, mince pies, chocolate truffles, coffee and a lot of other stuff.

2 in 1 Coffee Mug Warmer with Wireless Charger & Mirror Design

If your boss is a coffee lover and she is always complaining about her coffee getting cold, then this coffee warmer might be an ideal gift to give the boss woman. The mug warmer has a mirror design, a wireless charger, and a cup warmer plate. She can place it on the desk and have warm coffee every time she takes a sip.

Wall Art Sticker Lounge Kitchen

This wall art is available in multiple colors and sizes to choose from according to the size of the wall and the theme of your boss’s office. It is a gloss vinyl having a professional finish. The sticker reads, “Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.”

Reversible Sofa Throw Blanket with Tassels

This beautiful cotton throw blanket would make an elegant gift for a female boss. It is handwoven with a pop of ochre that brings a delightful feel to it. It will relax her better during her free hours in the house.

Ceramic Planter

A small, indoor plant with potter can also be given as a gift to the female boss. Therefore, find what plant she likes the best and get her that on any special occasion like her birthday or Christmas. This Elm Bonsai comes in a 15cm ceramic pot that would look beautiful in her office.

Desk Accessory Holder Office Tape Dispensers

Sure, her desk needs a little embellishment and this funny stationery holder will be the best for your female boss. It is multi-functional; it is a tape dispenser W/cutter, magnetic butt holds paper clips, business cards, and pen holder.

Funny Novelty Boss/Manager Mug Work Gift

This coffee mug would make a great personalized gift for your boss. The design that reads, “I’m not bossy, I just know what you should be doing” is printed on both sides of the mug.

FOCUS Motivational Business Gift Penlight with Illuminated Writing Tip and Stylus

This pen with a motivational quote “FOCUS, realize your potential,” would be a perfect gift for her as a token of appreciation. It is perfect for her if she aspires to live a lifestyle of prosperity, success and high performance.

Atmosphere Gentleman Key Chain

There are a few bosses in the world who do not have a huge bundle of keys. If your boss has such a bundle, then you should help her organize the keys better with an elegant key chain like this one.

Here Sits The Tea of The World's Best Boss - Drinks Coaster Gift Idea

If you are looking for something simple and inexpensive but funny that would bring a smile on your boss’s face, this coaster would be a perfect gift. The print on the coaster reads, “Here sits the tea of the World’s best boss.“

Team Leader - Funny Office, Work Notebooks

If you have a cool boss that doesn’t mind a little humor, then you can get her this paperback notebook on the boss’s day. The message on the notebook reads, “My number 1 employee gave me this notebook-maybe they deserve a raise.”

Action Day Planner 2020

Help your boss make plans in a more organized way by getting her this action day planner. The design of the planner saves a lot of time and makes it easy to plan and accomplish daily tasks.

Ides of March Pen and Pencil Holder

If your boss loves art, literature, and craft, then you might wanna look for a little artistic gift for her like this Julius Caesar statue pen holder. She can pretend, she was Brutus and stab Julius Caesar in the back every time she puts a pen or a pencil in it.