20 Best Dr Who Gifts for the Die-Hard Fans in 2024

Doctor Who is one of the most famous contemporary science fiction TV programs and its popularity is increasing ever since the first episode of the first season was published in 1963. It has had 56 years to build itself. The program is about the adventures of a Time Lord. the “Doctor” who is an extraterrestrial being that came from a planet named Gallifrey. The doctor has a spaceship named Tardis which looks like a British police box. The TV program has a large number of items related to the show like books, comics, Blu-rays, audio adventures, and figures. If you have a Doctor Who fanatics in your life, you can get a gift related to the series and they are sure to appreciate it. GiftHome.co.uk has brought to you a list of Dr. Who gifts which can help you decide for the best gift for the Doctor Who enthusiast on his/her birthday or Christmas.

Trading Jodie Whittaker Signed A4 Printed Autograph Doctor Dr Who Photo

This Jodie Whittaker signed printed picture of the thirteenth doctor is a treat to all the Jodie Whittaker fans. Get top present-giving points by getting this picture to a Jodie Whittaker fan. The picture is printed on an A4 sized paper that is not framed but it is backed with a brilliant white core. If you want it to be framed, it can easily fit into an A4 sized frame.

Ceramic London Money Box

Get this ceramic London Police Box-shaped money box to a Doctor Who fans on his/her birthday to win his/her heart. It is made with good quality ceramic which will be a good addition to your collection. It is 17cm high and 7cm wide with a 3cm slot to put money in it.

Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) Shorter Scarf

If your loved one is a fan of Tom Baker’s, the Fourth Doctor, he/she would love his multi-colored scarf. It is not as long as the scarf in the show rather it has a more manageable size. It is knitted in a high-quality acrylic that gives a beautiful, elegant look. It comes in a plastic zipper case which makes it suitable for gift giving.

Mounted Gifts Dr Who Cast All Doctors Signed Autograph

This Tardis picture with autographs of all doctors in the show is sure to make any Doctor Who fan excited. The picture is printed on an A4 sized picture and is framed in a beautiful black wooden frame that has a clear perspex glass. The mount is meticulously cut to level edges which give its beautiful appearance.

Orion Creations Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Doctor Necklace

This “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...stuff” pendant would make a perfect gift for any diehard Doctor Who fan. The pendant is made of base metal which is beautifully polished to give a sheen look. It has a 40cm chain that wraps around the neck.

Doctor Who Tardis Digital Projection Alarm Clock

This Tardis digital alarm clock would surely lift up any Doctor Who lover. The Tardis design is beautifully sculpted which makes it a good side table ornament. The clock projects the time onto the ceiling or a wall when the alarm rings.

DR WHO Duvet Set

This Tardis duvet set with the above-mentioned Tardis digital alarm clock will beautifully decorate a fan of Doctor Who’s room. The duvet cover is made of 48% cotton and 52% polyester which gives a soft and cozy feeling at night.

Doctor Who Official Gift Mens Loungewear Retro Short Pyjamas

Treat the young fan of the show with this t-shirt and short pajamas with Doctor Who print. It will be perfect attire for kids on a Doctor Who-themed party. The t-shirt and pajamas are made of pure cotton fabric which is extremely soft, comfortable and breathable.

3D Print Novelty Hoodie for Adult Kids Inspired Doctor Who

Get your beloved Doctor Who fanatic this 3D printed hoodie on his/her birthday and watch him/her crack a beautiful smile. The hoodie is made with polyester fabric which is sure to keep you warm in winters. The material is smooth, lightweight, breathable and snug.

6 TEE NINERS Mens Gallifrey Road T Shirt

Any dedicated fan of Doctor Who would greatly appreciate this beautiful T-shirt with Dr. Who print. The t-shirt is made with high-quality cotton and has a pretty vibrant blue color that makes you fall in love with it instantly. The shirt is sure to be your friend’s favorite shirt.

Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor in Green Coat Wave 3

This Eleventh Doctor figure in his green coat would make a perfect gift for the fan of the eleventh doctor on his birthday. It will be a great addition to the collection of doctors from the TV program Doctor Who.

Starfish Records Tardis Keyring Enamel DR Who Police Telephone Box

Imagine a gorgeous smile on your beloved Dr. Who fan this Tardis keyring. Tardis is a Blue Police Telephone Box space ship that the doctors use to explore the universe. The keyring is made of base metal which polished and painted with blue to give its beautiful appearance.

Doctor Who Official 2020 Diary

This official Doctor Who pocket diary with stylish artwork on the cover would make a perfect gift for an adult DR. Who fan that will keep him/her organized throughout the year. The diary is slim but it has enough space for notes and plans. It has notable dates, note pages and years to view the calendar.

DOCTOR WHO Tardis - Geschenkbox Fan Package multicolour

Be a secret Santa to your young fan of Doctor Who and get him/her this gift package on the upcoming Christmas. The gift box includes beautifully printed plastic glass, a coffee mug, and 2 coasters which will be enough to surround him/her with his/her favorite TV show.

Tardis Swinging on the Moon - Pendulum Wall Clock

This Moon wall clock with swinging Tardis pendulum would make a great ornament to Dr. Who themed bedroom. It features a high quality waterproof and fade-resistant vinyl print beautiful acrylic black face which is laser-cut for perfection. You can choose the diameter, the color, the pattern of the moon and the color of the needles to perfectly match the room decor.

Kabuso Jewels The Doctor Spinning Tardis Necklace

The hand made silver-toned spinning Tardis Pendant is a treat for Whovians. It would make an ideal gift for your friend and family who is inspiring Dr and wants to time travel around the galaxy.

Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales Slipcase

Any Doctor Who TV program enthusiast would love to have the whole book series of the program. The package contains 16 hardcover books of Time Lord Fairy Tales. Each of the books contains a different sci-fiction Doctor Who-like stories.

Doctor Who Pencil Bags

If you are looking for something simple and affordable to get your little Doctor Who fans, then his Doctor Who pencil bag would make a perfect choice. The bag has to zipper compartments that are spacious enough to include all the stationary. Also, it has a Police Box lid made of PU leather which gives it a pretty appearance.

Doctor Who: The 13 Doctors Collection (Mr Men Doctor Who Pack)

“Doctor Who: The 13 Doctors Collection” is humor for children which would make an ideal gift for little Dr. Who lovers. It has beautiful, funny illustrations by Adam Hargreaves who is a famous illustrator and comic writer. The comics are available in paperback as well as in kindle edition. It has illustrations of all the doctors from the first to the thirteenth.

Doctor Who Tardis Tea Pot, DR182

This novelty Tardis teapot would make a perfect gift for the family who is a fan of Doctor Who. The teapot is made of ceramic and is meticulously hand-painted with high-quality ink that won’t fade away or peel off due to rapid washing.