14 Funny Golf Gifts That Will Put A Smile On Every Golf lover Face in 2024

The club and ball sport of golf fills up so many roles in one’s life. It is a perfect pastime for people of every age as it does not require too much energetic movement; the swing of the club is more about technique than force. The gold players walk around the course which is good for the aged people as it benefits their lungs and heart. If you have a friend or family who plays golf as often as possible, then getting a funny golf gift on his/her birthday will be a good idea to spread smiles at the party. Here, we have made a list of funny golf gifts to win the heart of your favorite golfer in your life or play a prank on him/her. The list includes simply hilarious as well as golf gag gifts. The list is surely not a hit and miss as you are sure to find the gift that you have in your mind.

Tigerdoe Golf Party Hat

Imagine the beautiful smile on your golfer friend’s face when you get this novelty golf beret to him/her. The hat would make a perfect costume hat with its fake golf flag, ball, and grass. Also, it will be best to wear at a golf-themed party.

Champkey Novelty Fun Expression Golf Balls

Champkey’s set of 16 emoji golf balls would make a perfect gift to motivate and win young golfer’s heart. All the 16 golf balls are different emojis. Also, the balls are practical as well, as the vibrant color of the balls makes them stand out from other players’ balls in the game. They will be good items to decorate a golfer’s home and for golf-themed parties.

This Is How I Roll Golf Cart Square Pillowcase Cushion Cover

The pillowcase with a cool a golf cart print and text that reads, “this is how I roll” will be a good golfer’s home decor. The pillowcase is made up of high-quality polyester which is super soft and comfortable. The high-quality exquisite edging technology gives it a beautiful look. It is not easy to deform. The lines are durable enough to make it last for a long time.

Mugs Coffee Cup Gift Creative Golf Mug

Any dedicated golf lover would appreciate his coffee mug with its unique and creative golf design. The mug comes with a golf stick pen a small golf ball to play with while having a coffee. It is made of good quality ceramic and the shape of the mug is safe for microwave and dishwasher.

Intech Golf #2 Poop Putter 35"

The poop emoji-shaped putter is one of the funniest golf gifts. The poop putter is practical as well as it will roll ball smoothly. With this putter in the market, you do not need to drop a load on the other expensive putter.

Mr Crimbo Novelty Reading Glasses Holder Figure, Golf

Treat your beloved golfer with this unique golf figure glasses stand on his/her birthday. IT is made of a high-quality resin that is durable and made to last. Also, it is hand-painted to give its meticulous look due to which it will make a perfect bedside ornament for the golfers.

Flip The Bird Funny Golf Glove

Get your golfer friend this “nice hit” middle finger gag golf glove on his/her birthday share some laughter at the party. The novelty golf give is made of soft Cabretta leather that is imported from Indonesia. The glove is available for both right and land handed golfer.

Daytripper Clothing Problem Solved Play Golf Mens Funny Slogan T-Shirt

You can get your golf buddy this T-shirt with a cool print on the front if you are looking for a funny golf gift which is not a little too much. The t-shirt is made of cotton fabric that is ultra-breathable and soft which makes it perfect to wear in the hot conditions. Also, it is available in 4 different colors to choose from.

RROVE Unisex Funny Novelty Cotton Crew Socks

Any golf fan would thank you for getting him/her this pair of socks with funny text printed at the bottom that reads, “Shhh! I’m watching Golf.” The socks are made of super-soft cotton material. The text is printed with a rubber material that prevents slipping on the floor.

Exploding Golf Ball Four Pack

These exploding golf balls will provide a fun activity for the kids in a golf-themed party. A pack includes four exploding golf balls. The balls explode into a thin white smoke which is sure to make a few jumps and laugh at the party.

ArthuereBack Mens Funny Golf Apron

If your golfer friend loves to bake and cook as well, this apron would make a great gift for that friend. The apron has a funny golf joke printed on the front that reads, “I’m not over the HIll, I’m on the Back Nine.” This apron will be perfect for the golfer guy to wear at a BBQ party.

Deanyi Funny Potty Putter Toilet Time Mini Golf Game

Let your golf enthusiastic friend play golf even during the most private of the times with this toilet putter. It is made of professional miniature golf course carpet. The package includes a cup with a flag, putting green, a “do not disturb” sign and 2 golf balls.

Funny Novelty Golf Excuses Tea Coffee Mug

This “golf excuses” print coffee mug would be perfect for your golf buddy who makes a lot of excuses for his bad shots. The sharp and colorful print on the mug has a high-quality gloss finish which gives it a beautiful shiny look.

Golf Pack of 6 Novelty nude lady tees

The pack of 6 nude lady tees would make the best gag golf gift for your golf-loving friend. The tees are made of sturdy plastic material which wear-resistant. They can be used as both ball marker and a pitchfork.