Giving presents is the best way to show your loved ones that you care and love them. A memorable gift comes in handy to express your feelings where words fail. Whether you are shopping for your dad, mom, sister, brother, wife, husband, coworkers, boss, or friends, it can get pretty hectic to find just the right gift for them every time. Finding the perfect gift is an art to master. No matter how many times you have gone to the market to shop for the gift, you can’t find the ideal gift without looking around a bit and it is not always successful. Some special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, graduation, or any other event can narrow down the list for you. However, the best gift for your loved ones is something that they need or wish for. For example, if your friend is going to college then the best gift for him would be something that can help him study better or make things easier for him to study. 

Gift Home helps you find the best gifts that are anything except boring. We make sure that we suggest unique gift ideas that can truly win hearts. From personalized gifts to useful kitchen gadgets, we help you find the best gifts even for the people who are hard to shop for. Shop one-of-a-kind gifts for the people you care about and let the presents speak for you. 

Different people have different interests. It is best to look for the gift that they will love and that means something to them and you. We have presented you with some of the coolest gift ideas such as gardening gifts, eco-friendly gifts, fishing gifts, beer lover gifts, golf gifts, music gifts, and many more. If you don’t know the person very well for whom you want to buy a gift, it can be a lot harder to find what will be an appropriate gift for him. Gift Home provides you with amazing gift ideas that you can give someone you know casually. For acquaintances, we have listed down various gifts such as loose leaf teas or gourmet food gifts, handmade lotions and soaps, fine writing pens and specialty stationery, pocket-sized, hand gadgets and tools, and fun printed socks or cozy slippers.

If you want to look for a gift by occasion we have a whole list of gifts for special occasions. We have made lists for gifts for special occasions such as Mother’s Day Gifts, Valentine’s Day Gifts, Hanukkah Gifts, Father’s Day Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Wedding gifts, and much much more.  Giving gifts according to the occasion always doubles the happiness of the special event and makes the day more memorable. 

If you are looking for a gift, the person in your life who would wait for hours in line to buy the latest gadget that comes in the market, and who is among the people who watch the new movie first. It can be a challenge to find out what they need and what to get them. Fortunately, Gift Home updates the lists of gifts as soon as something cools comes on the market so that you can be one of the first ones to find out about them and buy them for your friends and family. We always have something special, unexpected, cool, and unique to surprise them with.

If you want to go the extra mile and decide to send a note with the gift, Gift Home provides you with numerous inspirations to write on the card for your beloved ones. Our suggested inscriptions are sure to put a wide smile on their faces and will open the gift with you in your mind and a simple on their lips. Some of the loveable inscriptions that we suggest are; “You are the sweetest person ever! You deserve to have sweetness in your life and have all your wishes come true.” “Thank you for being the most caring and thoughtful mom I could ever ask for.” “You are the best friend I could have. Thanks for always being by my side.” “Happy birthday to the coolest dude in the world. Cheers!” “A token of love and appreciation for all that you do.” “Heartiest congratulations on your engagement! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.” 

Gift Home has an emergency package for you as well for the last-minute gift. It happens quite some times that you lose track of days and forget about the special day of your friend. It is alright and there’s no need to panic because we have got you. We offer various gift ideas for different personalities and according to their occupations. For example, kids and adults love gadgets or something that meets their hobby such as a wooden model building kit. If you want to show your love for the at-home chef in your life, a handcrafted grating plate or other utensils will make a beautiful and functional gift. You can get a hand-blown Tree of Life decoration piece to win your giftee’s heart. A flexible tablet stand will help the tech lover to browse and lounge more easily. Pocket-sized mindfulness tools for the workaholic will help him to slow down and take care of himself. With gifts like these, you will not only be able to win their hearts, but you will also make things easier or make the occasion more memorable for them.

We offer you a wide variety of gifts for every price range to keep you under the budget. Whether you want it under $25, $50, $75, $100, $ 200 or even $500. We have compiled lists for some special categories like New Arrivals, Best Sellers, Thank You Gifts, Graduation Gifts, Gifts for Coworkers, Housewarming, Baby Showers, and many others. To complement the hobby of your loved ones we offer you lists of gifts for DIY/Crafts, Cooking/Entertaining, Gadgets/Tech, Gardening, Fitness/Outdoors, and numerous others. Also, you can get something based on the interest of the giftee like RC planes, tea/coffee, fishing, golf, and many many more.

Gift Home is a complete website that will help you find the perfect gift for the people you care about and love. We offer you every kind of gift that you need to win their hearts and that will make them remember you buy with.     

Our Team

Jake Banks
Jake Banks is the founder of the whole idea of Gift Home. He was born in a small town in Alfriston, East Sussex. He knows the gift-giving tradition of English people and he himself loves to give presents as much as he loves to receive them. He owns a gift shop just outside London which started as a florist shop. He also works as a freelance web developer. His expertise in creating websites and selling gifts led him to launch this project for helping people around the UK to find unique and perfect gifts that translate what’s in their mind.
Rosie Williamson
Rosie Williamson is our Editor-Chief from London. She has written all the amazing gift collections for every category. She has a keen eye for the details of a gift. She knows what kind of gift is the most suitable for a specific person so she brings out the best of the product to help you understand how and why a particular gift will be the best for a specific type of person. She has written on lifestyle topics for various local magazines in London. When she is not writing, she is either traveling or playing with her pet dog Larry. 
Abbie Miller 
Abbie Miller is our main expert in the art of gift-giving. She has worked in a gift shop in London for seven years and she helps in choosing the right gifts for each category featured on this website. Working at the gift shop gave her enough experience on what kind of difficulties people face for choosing the best gift for their loved ones and what kind of unique gifts do people look for that suit the personalities of the giftees. She is the main hand behind every compilation of the amazing gifts listed in each article.
Ewan Townsend
Ewan Townsend is our writer and copyeditor out of London where she lives with her husband and her Mini Dachshund, Luna. She joined our team from the background of writing about lifestyle and fashion. After years of personal writing, her passion to do something that makes people happy has brought her to the team of Gift Home. Besides writing, she is a lifelong runner. When she is free, she is looking for sunshine outdoors or reading fantasy books.