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If you have a friend or family for whom running is more than just a hobby, there will a lot of occasions when you will want to get him/her an awesome running gift. You might also want to get a young running enthusiast a gift to support him/her to follow their passion. Running is one of the most inexpensive hobbies, so a gift for your favorite running buddy will not break the bank. The occasion to get him/her a gift can be anything from achieving a new distance milestone to graduation from the college. A good running gift to your beloved runner shows him that you care. Having said that all, the problem is that it is a little tricky to find a perfect gift for runners that they will greatly appreciate. It can be a little more difficult for the people who do not know what things the runners want other than a good pair of running shoes. If you are facing a problem finding a gift for your friend, then have a look at the following list of gifts for runners to find a perfect gift.

LED Shoes Lights for Night Runner

Darkness or cold does not stop the Runner enthusiasts from running. This TPU+LED glowing light will keep your beloved safe when they go for running in the dark. It has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. It is simple to use; just clip it on one of the shoes.

Lava Activ Running Belt with Water Bottles

Get your running lover this running belt with a pouch in the middle and 2 pockets for 300ml water bottles on his/her special occasion. The belt is made of a soft and lightweight neoprene material that ensures minimus friction and contoured grip for comfort. The belt distributes weight of water bottles evenly that prevents any kind of unnecessary muscular injury.

Running Headlight USB Rechargeable

If he/she likes to take run in the night, this ultralight headlight for runners will be greatly appreciated as a gift. The headlight has 5 operations modes for different purposes like; high, medium and low brightness, and SOS strobe and sensor modes. Once fully charged, it can go on for 12 to 15 hours.

Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Music and running go hand in hand. It keeps you focused and entertained at the same time while running. These waterproof wireless headphones would make a great gift your friend who loves running. It provides a clear sound and rich audio modulate to impress the ears while running.

Running Shoes

These running shoes by Asics give the best running experience ever. It has an improved jacquard mesh that provides better ventilation to keep your feet cool. Moreover, wide forefoot allows natural toe splay and prevents irritation. The seamless construction lowers the risk of blisters through rubbing.

Compression Essential Race and Recover Calf Guards/Sleeves

These calf sleeves are made of advanced technical yarns that provide comfort and recovery to the calves during and after working out. It is perfect for all sports activities. It also prevents muscle pulls, calf strains, and tendon injuries by enhancing flow of oxygen to the muscles.

Collapsible Water Bottle with Leak Proof Valve

A collapsible water bottle would also make a good gift for those whose passion is running. This water bottle has a unique leak-free valve that prevents spilling no matter how much it is shaken. The material used is silicone that makes it thick and flexible. The advanced insulation of the bottle will keep water warm or cold regardless of the weather.

Men's Winter Run Half-Zip Long Sleeve Running Top

Help your running enthusiast take a little more fashion by gifting this long sleeve winter-run top. It has a brushed thermal fabric inside keeps out the cold. The outer fabric has reflective printing that reflects light in low conditions to provide visibility. The meshed panels at the upper back and underarm provide ventilation and keep the body dry.

SUUNTO Core Outdoor Watch

Suunto Core Outdoor Watch is a dream watch of the runners because of its practicality in multi-functions. It has a barometer, storm warnings system, altitude measurement, temperature and many other functions. The aluminum case makes it durable and waterproof. The straps are made of soft, comfortable and breathable material that prevents irritation due to sweat.

Compression Running Socks for Men & Women

A good pair of socks can make a great difference when it comes to running. These compression running socks enhance stamina and blood circulation in the feet and to the whole body. Its double-stitched fabric will provide comfort to your feet and while running. Also, it will provide relief and recovery to your sore feet and foot swelling.

Red Dust Active Workout Headband

A good quality headband will be greatly appreciated by both men and women who love to run. This headband can be used both ways; flip it to match it with your outfit. It is made of a perfect blend of polyester and elastane that makes it ridiculously breathable and comfortable to wear. It will surely become your favorite headwear while running.

Atlecko 360° Reflective LED Running, Cycling or Hiking Vest & Belt for Men

Running on the roads at night can be dangerous. It will be even more dangerous on the road where there is no or a little traffic. Get your beloved runner this reflective LED running vest and belt to keep him/her safe while running. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear that will prevent any kind of irritation or distraction while running.

TCA Men's Rapid QuickDry Tapered Tech Training Track Pant with Zip Pockets

A pair of pants or shorts would make a good gift for the runners. You can get these slim-fit running trousers for your runner friend. The pants with the relaxed crotch, 4-way stretch fabric and a tapered lower leg allow optimal comfort and free movement. The soft fabric wicks all the sweat and keeps the skin dry that prevents rash.

Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Foam rollers are one of the best tools to relax and recover deep muscle tissues. It massages the leg muscle and stimulates blood flow making it stronger and improves balance. Also, it is useful against tight muscles, knots and scar tissues.

Hunt Gold Color-changing Glasses

Every runner appreciates a little bit of fashion and style. You can get the runner in your friend and family this high-quality color-changing, sports sunglasses and watch him crack a huge smile. The sunglasses provide protection from harmful UV rays from the sun. The color-changing lens of the glasses automatically adjusts the light entering inside which is comfortable on the eyes.

Ambre Solaire Clear Protect Transparent Sun Cream

If you want to keep the skin of your favorite runner in the family from getting sun burnt then get him/her this sunblock. The transparent formula used in the sunblock leaves no white marks on the face. Moreover, it provides ultimate protection from the UVA and UVBs.